Thursday, May 9, 2013

Now that it's spring, we're busy at the clinic

I've been waiting for the weather to warm up to get some outdoor stuff done at the clinic; I have an elaborate garden planned - of course it will take years to get it to the state I want it to be in - all lush and gorgeous - but you have to start somewhere, right?

First, we marked the area for the garden and had someone dig it up and add good topsoil. We then started putting in the wine bottle border - we had been collecting bottles all winter - and NO, we did not drink them all - some of them were "donated" by local bars! Well, they told us that we were welcome to go through their recycle bins and take what we wanted... LOL

Next, my fabulous girls tore down the decrepit rotting fence that was behind the garden plot - it really was an eyesore - rusted and interwoven with vines, not to mention falling INTO the garden area...

what a nasty mess that was!!

I made a trip to Lowe's for plants... check out that gorgeous Sago!!

B put in a little picket fence as a decorative back drop - WHAT an improvement in and of itself!! We planted a crepe myrtle and a bunch of elephant ears, marked the end of the garden with that GORGEOUS sago palm, and placed a leaf shaped bird bath surrounded by lambs' ears today.... we also got an iron bench and placed it under a tree up front where it would be in some shade, in case any of our clients had the notion to take a seat outdoors on a beautiful day - and this is what we currently have going on - still lots to do, but I'm loving it so far!!

Up front, we've also done some sprucing... the painted tire planters in front of my parking space are awesome now that they actually contain flowers, and I also added a large hibiscus tree to fill an empty space... we replenished the concrete planters that go across the front of the building but I don't have any good pictures of those right now.

I brought my large metal dog from home to "guard" the front door and made an outdoor ashtray out of a copper pot - the rocks are now covered with course sand and there is an instructive sign to help guide our clients as to the appropriate actions should they approach my front door with cigarette in hand... I got tired of them just flicking them to the ground beside my front door! Nasty!

And, last, but certainly not least is the paver patio we've installed for our potted plants, featuring my little clay pot man that I love SOOOOOO much...

with his "hair" -

and, finally, on the patio with the other plants - still have a low basket to add tomorrow, but it looks pretty darn good so far!!

Ooooh.... almost forgot the sign.... I bought a 12 x 15 wooden plaque at Michaels and painted it in an irregular pattern of colors - the girls though I'd gone nuts - then added vinyl letters (just WHAT did I do before I got my Cricut?!?)

Spray painted it black - now they REALLY thought I was crazy, but when I peeled off the vinyl letters, this is what I got -

Cool, huh?? We had these horrible concrete squirrels left at the clinic by the previous owner and I was determined to throw them into the trash when one of the girls suggested that they might work to hold a sign... so we used liquid nails and - voila! - I LOVE it!!

FAB-U-LOUS! I am blessed with creative and innovative employees!!

There's actually more than we've done, but I'm too tired to post any more, besides I need more pics....

Still Crafting

Despite the hiatus, I am still at work; there has been a LOT going on here on the home front and that has taken precedence, slowing down my crafting and remodeling and definitely getting in the way of my desire to blog... damn life...

I was totally negligent and never got the March wreath done for the clinic - that was when all hell broke loose at home and I truthfullly didn't care. However, I did get April's done - fairly simple, though I like the way it turned out. I'll add a picture of it in it's final state tomorrow; apparently I forgot to take one, LOL

I started out with a plain green foam wreath that I got from Hobby Lobby and wrapped it in green yarn - not the least bit exciting...

And then I overwrapped the yarn with one of my favorite fun things -- eyelash yarn!
It kinda looks like grass...

I added silk flowers staked into the wreath with pink pearl headed pins and added a ribbon for hanging; forgot to take a picture of the finished product, of course; I will add that later this week.

But, the end result was a fresh spring wreath that I just love :)