Monday, February 11, 2013

Success is measured in baby steps in this house...

It's hard to be motivated to work on the house when I get home from a long day at the clinic, but if I don't persevere, it won't get done. I can get the hubster to do simple, focused tasks, like removing the carpet or putting up a ceiling fan, and, hopefully at some point, building a platform bed for baby girl, but the decorative stuff just isn't up his alley, or even in his neighborhood. He has NO vision, and no patience. I asked him to touch up the ceiling around the fan base where we had to remove the medallion... he grabbed a can of paint out of the garage without, apparently, reading the label OR the handwriting on the top of the can (it was CLEARLY labeled "Office" and the office ISN'T white), and painted quite a bit of GREEN before he noticed that it wasn't flat white. Needless to say, I now have to repaint the entire ceiling, since I can't find anything to match what's already up there (seems like it should be simple, huh? but white isn't necessarily white when it comes to paint) Anyway, I don't really WANT him to help me any more than HE wants to. So, I try to accomplish at least a little bit each day. I'm working on repainting the walls, but today I'm flaunting the new ceiling fan / light which is actually up and running.

This was the fan that I fell in love with and wanted desperately - the Casa Deville Pretty in Pink

Oh, how this gorgeous item made me drool... at least until the $370 price tag nearly stopped my heart. On my "pay as you go", bare minimum, DIY budget, I just couldn't justify the extravagance... So, I settled for this one - the Hunter Dreamland

Luckily the blades were reversible to a solid pink - I couldn't stomach those tacky daisies. It's not as bright a pepto pink as it appears in the picture; it actually matches the pink wall (Glidden Peony Pink) quite nicely. It just needed a little blinging. I took the crystals off the old (new) chandelier and repurposed them to give the fan a little sparkle. It's not quite as fancy as my original drool-worthy find, but it's cute and feminine and with a price tag of less than $85, definitely easier to stomach!! So, here she is.... (excuse the pics; it's very hard to take pictures of a lit light fixture in an otherwise darkened room; I may have to attempt new pics in the daytime!)

Now I just need to find some uber sweet fan pulls to replace the basic metal ones, and we'll be set! Now, back to painting...