Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Nothing since June... what a slacker I've been!! LOL

I've gotten 3 courses behind me towards my MBA, and now I'm taking an extended break -- until after the holidays. My work schedule is insane these days because one of the other doctors has another full time job and our schedules are subject to her availability. Fair?? Hell, no! Especially since she just joined us in July when Dr. S. left. But, it is what it is... and my "options" are somewhat limited.

Baby Girl has officially entered the dimension of the "Terrible Twos" and there are days that I think we'd like to return her from whence she came! She knows just when to coo "Sowwy, Mommy" or "Lub You", so she's still here!

The daycare shut down permanently this past Friday, which is completely inconvenient. Daycares are few and far between down here in the land of the old folks, so right now I'm paying T (her "teacher" from the daycare who is now unemployed, as of Friday) to keep her. We'll see how that goes...

Nothing much else that I can report. Guess that's why I haven't posted anything in four months, huh??