Thursday, June 24, 2010

We're rounding the final curve

This morning was our second (and final) exam for this course; we weren't given our actually grades, just a "go" or "no go". All that matters is that I've passed (not that I expected otherwise; as B reminded me, exams in the militar are aimed at a 8th to 10th grade level...). At any rate, it's nice to have that behind me.

A half day of lecture tomorrow - as if any of us will be paying attention - then practice for graduation and outprocessing details - and we'll be D-O-N-E, done. I fly home Saturday night after graduation and I'm ready to go home! I heard Baby Girl's voice the other night on the telephone and it really stung - I miss her SO much!!

I'm exhausted - I don't sleep well away from home and the mental stimulation here is intense. Very interesting, but intense. I may have mentioned before, but I'm fascinated by the way that the course content (the non Army-specific stuff) has run right alongside my management course. We've addressed many of the same topics these last two weeks. Guess it just validates the usefulness of what I'm learning and, as I told B the other night, a leader is a leader, regardless of who or what s/he is leading. Right?