Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh, I've been so sick....

sicker than I can remember being in a long, long time!! I think it was a combination of things... I did a run of working night shifts - 13 out of 14 days!! - over the Easter holidays and we were busy, busy, busy. I think at some point I figured out that I averaged about 5 hours of sleep per night for those 2 weeks, which wouldn't have been so bad had it been 5 consecutive hours... but only once or twice during that entire time was I able to sleep for more than 2 hours uninterrupted.

I got off work on a Friday morning and that evening had to head to Columbia for drill; of course, that means early days and I had to take my APFT on Saturday because I was asked to be a grader for the unit APFT which was Sunday morning. Now, somehow, and I have no idea how this happened given my exhausted state, but I am crediting the 3 weeks of P90X with the results, I managed my BEST PT score ever!! Not stellar by any means, but for ME, it was great! I hadn't run in over 2 weeks, and I cut 2 full minutes off my run time!! Maybe it was the location, maybe it was the cool air, maybe it was the stupid Ke$ha song that I couldn't get out of my head ("wake up in the morning feeling like P'Diddy, I got my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city..." - enough to make anyone run like hell, huh??) -- not too far off from my "max" scores, so now I have a new (and maybe even attainable) goal - I'd like to score 300 on the test in October!

At any rate, by Sunday afternoon, I was starting to cough and the congestion was settling in; by Tuesday, it hit full force and I hardly got out of bed all day. Wednesday was as bad too, but I had to do surgery at CCAH so I had to suck it up. Thursday I had a little reprieve - the cough seemed to be more superficial - which was nice since B had his septoplasty and lower turbinate remodeling surgery; Friday, however, the cough had moved back into my chest. I had to work on Saturday - my parents came down to watch Baby Girl because B wasn't up to it (he's hardly gotten out of bed since the surgery -- I'm sure it hurt, but he's really being a baby... I mean, this is DAY 5 and he's still just lying in the bed and watching TV all day!! Ok, ok... that's enough...) - anyway, I nearly drove myself NUTS with the continuous coughing!! At the end of my shift, I was trying to finish up what I had started but the case was WAY more complicated than originally anticipated and finally, at 10pm, I just said "screw it" and left anyway -- I hated to do it, but I was sick as hell, was 14 hours into a 12 hours shift with an hour drive to get home and I just didn't care who I pissed off at that point.

Funny, but with the illness, what bothered me the most was missing a week of P90X!!! LOL How's THAT for strange?? For me, anyway... I did my Yoga X on Monday, and was going to attempt the Core Synergistics on Tuesday when B called me out for being "an idiot" and told me to get back into bed!! He was right of course! I did Core Synergistics tonight and there's NO way I could have done it last week!! LOL Of course, me being me, I was going to try to "make it all up", but was just so very sick that I finally gave in and decided to just postpone everything for one week. So, yesterday, I started back up with week 4. It feels good to be back on track again and I hope that I don't have any more interruptions! Now I have to get back to running!!

We're still struggling with Elvis - I did take him to work and did bloodwork/xrays, the whole 9 yards... couldn't find anything specific, really... possible medium sized tumor in his chest, but it was unclear... and nothing to be done about it anyway. I keep feeding him whatever he might eat - tonight he had meatballs and Italian sausage and some bread - drives Herbie crazy!! He's down to 41 lbs, which was a shocker to me!! I guess I thought that he'd still be over 50 :( Looks like 2010 will be his last year here... but I don't want to think about that right now.