Monday, March 1, 2010

I bought another car

I realized suddenly that I drive nearly 100 miles each day that I work... it's no wonder that I can rack up so many miles on a car!! It became important to me, then, to find a "beater" that I can use to offset the usage of my much beloved Audi. And so I bought a Saab. I don't remember the model year, but it's got about 60K miles on it - and luckily, Saab's are another make of car that can go for 150K miles. Of course, it's beyond my abilities, it seems, to find a car locally... this one's in Philly.

B is going to fly up on Wednesday to pick it up for me. We're paying cash, and not trading in anything, so it will be infinitely less stressful than the Audi's purchase. It stands to reason that I have to work all week, so Doo will be going to spend the night at her Mimi's house Wednesday and I'll pick her up when I get off work Thursday morning.

Middle Child's only "requirement" for a vehicle is that it NOT be a Prius. Why, you ask?? Because apparently some comedian made a comment that a Prius conveys the message "I'm gay"... LOL Teenagers...

I told B about the puppy today - I had gone to PetsMart and bought a little bed, some bowls, puppy food, a harness and leash and some little puppy toys - naturally he wondered what they were for... he took it rather well I would say... simply made a "hmmm" noise and raised his eyebrows. But that was it. Then again, I DID ask him 6 weeks ago if I could have a mini dachshund and he said "yes"... Perhaps he hoped I was joking?? I'm going Wednesday to vaccinate and deworm them all, then I'll pick Moka up on Monday after I get back from drill. Little Man is SO excited!