Thursday, March 25, 2010

My poor Elvis

seems determined to starve himself to death, and there doesn't seem to be much that I can do about it...

He has gotten so terribly thin - I can count his ribs from across the room, even with his thick coat. He has difficulty getting up and down, especially when stairs are involved, but nothing too unusual given the advanced state of his hip dysplasia and subsequent DJD. He doesn't seem to FEEL bad... there's no vomiting or drooling involved - he just doesn't have an appetite.

I stopped even trying to feed him dog food weeks ago - he really hasn't voluntarily eaten dog food since my parents were here in February - and then, it was mixed half and half with a hamburger/rice mixture that mom cooked for him.

These days, we're down to hot dogs and lunch meat, sometimes he'll eat pasta or rice - occasionally he'll eat steak, though he'll even turn THAT down at times!! Don't you know that it drives Herbie NUTS!! LOL Part of the problem we have is that he will rarely eat the same things twice in a row - so we have to try to switch it up every day. He's the ultimate nightmare picky eater!! It's been a real challenge... but, despite his current condition, I just can't bring myself to put him to sleep when he's still fairly active, and very interactive. So, we just take it day by day.

Monday, March 22, 2010

How time flies...

It's been 3 weeks since I last posted... time has really flown by!! The Saab is very nice - WELL worth the money I paid! And it drives quite nicely, too. I've been taking it to work, or anywhere that I'm going to have to drive much distance. Though, I DID take the Audi to drill as it's a MUCH more comfortable and luxurious vehicle for the longer drives! LOL

I had all of the little chips and scratches touched up on the Audi - only cost $100 because the car really was in amazing shape when we got it. We're going to have the Saab done as well... it's a 2001 model and there are many more "stone chips", so the front and rear bumpers practically have to be repainted - it's going to run about $250, but even putting that into the car, it was a true bargain! I had a Sirius radio installed in the Saab because not having it was making me crazy... I've had satellite radio for so many years, I don't know how people manage without it! Oh, yeah - almost forgot - I managed to crack the windshield last week on the way to F'ville... I have had the most horrendous luck with car glass this year!! A sport bike coming TOWARDS me threw up a rock and hit the edge of the windscreen, putting a deep chip in it - I worked a night shift, followed by a day shift, and when I came out of work Wednesday afternoon, there was an 8" crack across the driver's side of the windshield! Damn it!!

I picked up the new puppy when I got back from drill - Patrick is in love with her. I realized a couple of weeks ago that it's been over 11 years since I've had to deal with a puppy - Elvis was the last puppy I had!! - and this housebreaking stuff SUCKS rocks!! Patrick takes care of her when he's here, but I have to deal with her during school hours and when he's at his dad's. I can't wait 'til she gets a little older and isn't so time consumptive! She's absolutely adorable, though, and a great snuggler!

I got both the boys' rooms cleaned out - took bags of Good Will donations and garbage out of each of them - they still look like they were hit by whirlwinds somehow, but it's better. I need to go through the rest of the house, desperately, and throw out the excess stuff. God knows we have oodles of crap we don't use!! I tend to do my best cleaning when I move, though, and I'm hoping that we can do that this summer - there are a bunch of things that will have to come together to make that happen - it's definitely doable, but not a guarantee, so keep your fingers crossed. I'm doing what I can to make it come to pass!

I started P90X today - and I hurt like hell already!! Chris just finished his first 90 days and he looks amazing!! He dropped nearly 50 lbs and is virtually fat-free at this point - even his face is very chiseled looking. He told me that he had to stop running because he was losing too much weight and couldn't eat enough to keep the weight on! Wish I had that problem! I don't expect, of course, to have the same results that he did since he's 22 years younger than me, and male to boot - but I imagine that I should be able to firm up and drop the 12-15 lbs that I still seem to be hanging on to since the fertility drugs. I've drastically modified my eating also, cutting way back on carbs (NO breads, pastas, etc.), no more deserts/sweets, high protein, lots and lots of veggies and water, water, water. I did well on this before, but decided to allow myself a "cheat day" which turned into a "cheat week" - so this has to be an "all or nothing" -- I don't have enough self-discipline to do it any other way.

I have another APFT in 3 weeks - I'm just praying that I'm "ready" - I helped administer the last one, 2 mos ago, and 3 of the 4 soldiers I was grading failed it... I do NOT intend to fail, though I'm not overly worried that I will. I'm still running, and now that I've added the P90X, that should help me get ready - I think I did 60 or 70 push ups today alone!! MSG G asked me to be a grader for the unit-wide test in April, so I have to take my test on Saturday, as the rest of the unit will be taking it on Sunday. I actually prefer it as there will be fewer people taking the test. As long as I don't come in dead last (and don't fail), I'll be fine!

B is finally having his deviated septum repaired; Baby Girl has brought home so many bugs and he can't kick the sinus infections because the deviation prevents his sinus from draining - so he's finally agreed to have the surgery. Hopefully it will also decrease or stop his snoring! We'll see...

I've decided to go with laser hair removal as I'm just sick and tired of shaving... I've talked to several people who have had it done and are very pleased with the results - and I've actually got a consult tomorrow, in F'ville, at the place where one of my friends currently get her laser zaps - they're going to have me fill out some paperwork and do a couple of test spots - if all goes well, then I can have my first treatment next week. It's actually much more affordable than I imagined; it's $1000 for 6 treatments (spaced 5-6 weeks apart) and that price includes any additional touch-up sessions later if necessary. I had checked with Sona Med Spa for their prices also, and they wanted just over $2000 for 6 sessions and then additional sessions were available at half price or something like that. Of course, at that price they could well afford to offer a discount, and they are currently having a BOGO package special or offering 40% off a single package - still seems like the F'ville place is a better deal - AND it's an OB/GYN's office that has an aesthetician, AND I have a personal referral for this location... WIN - WIN - WIN!!

Anyway, that shoudl about catch me up to the current goings-on; as always, I will TRY to stay more current... but no promises!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I bought another car

I realized suddenly that I drive nearly 100 miles each day that I work... it's no wonder that I can rack up so many miles on a car!! It became important to me, then, to find a "beater" that I can use to offset the usage of my much beloved Audi. And so I bought a Saab. I don't remember the model year, but it's got about 60K miles on it - and luckily, Saab's are another make of car that can go for 150K miles. Of course, it's beyond my abilities, it seems, to find a car locally... this one's in Philly.

B is going to fly up on Wednesday to pick it up for me. We're paying cash, and not trading in anything, so it will be infinitely less stressful than the Audi's purchase. It stands to reason that I have to work all week, so Doo will be going to spend the night at her Mimi's house Wednesday and I'll pick her up when I get off work Thursday morning.

Middle Child's only "requirement" for a vehicle is that it NOT be a Prius. Why, you ask?? Because apparently some comedian made a comment that a Prius conveys the message "I'm gay"... LOL Teenagers...

I told B about the puppy today - I had gone to PetsMart and bought a little bed, some bowls, puppy food, a harness and leash and some little puppy toys - naturally he wondered what they were for... he took it rather well I would say... simply made a "hmmm" noise and raised his eyebrows. But that was it. Then again, I DID ask him 6 weeks ago if I could have a mini dachshund and he said "yes"... Perhaps he hoped I was joking?? I'm going Wednesday to vaccinate and deworm them all, then I'll pick Moka up on Monday after I get back from drill. Little Man is SO excited!