Saturday, February 13, 2010

Today has totally sucked!!

Today was the start of our mini vacation... my first trip to Vegas!! And - technically - the Western Veterinary Conference, but that's secondary or tertiary at this point-LOL

We has some snow last night but nothing major... work was hell and I got less than 2 hours of down time so I was already exhausted, but I figured I could sleep on the plane. I rushed home, finished packing and got a shower - and we were off!!

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare; since I'm flying on orders and can take luggage for free, I was planning on checking all the bags and leaving B just his computer to carry onboard. Since we weren't flying the same airline - I was on Delta, B on Continental - and we weren't even leaving from the same terminal, B dropped me off with the bags and went to park the car. Since we were early, he planned to come meet up with me after parking the car.

The first thing I discovered when I attempted to check the bags is that both of my flights were cancelled, and I was directed to get into an extremely long line to try to get redirected. I called B and told him to check on HIS flight before he came back to meet me.

He showed up about 15 minutes later with the news that he seemed to be okay... I called Carlson to see if they could get me a different flight, B called Continental to see if he could get me onto his flight. Continental told B that his flights were totally booked -- so you can imagine how pissed he was when his flight backed away from the gate with half the seats unoccupied!! But that's another story... Carlson couldn't get me out before 6pm tomorrow so I stayed in the line for the Delta counter, hoping for a better deal... silly me.

Eventually, B had to leave me - because the flights seemed to be cancelled arbitrarily, I was concerned about whether or not he would be able to switch to a flight later in the day, or even tomorrow, so I sent him on his original flight. Nearly 2 hours later I was finally at the desk and the ticket agent informs me that I have been rebooked on a flight to Vegas on --- wait for it --- TUESDAY!! WTF?!? I not-so-calmly explain to her that I am on orders and as of 0800 tomorrow, legally speaking, I will be AWOL. Tuesday was totally unacceptable.

She hemmed and hawed but I refused to give in and she grudgingly put me on a flight leaving at 11:30am tomorrow -- OUT OF GREENSBORO!! Now here's another problem!! Greensboro is an hour and a half away... I can drive my car there, but my return flight is to RDU... so, what then?? I asked her how I am supposed to make this work when I have no car to transfer over... and she told me it was my problem. As was the dilemma of what to do with myself tonite. "It's the weather, ma'am; we have to make arrangements to take care of ourselves". I really HATE it when someone uses the familiar like that, AS IF they are in the same situation and can empathize!! She was very rude and really pissed me off (in case you hadn't picked up on that already). The only good thing she did was to refer me to the USO Club... of course, it was in the other terminal and I had to walk over there with all the luggage, but the volunteers were really great... I was so furious by the time I got over there that I was crying, and they gave me a drink and the ladies hugged me... They kept my luggage while I went down to the Southwest counter to see if they could help me.

The agent at Sourhwest was fantastic and tried her hardest... she did find me a flight this afternoon to Baltimore, but it would still involve an overnight on my dime plus a very real possibility that I would NOT be able to recoup the $700 for the ticket. In the end, I decided to rent a car, drive to G'boro, get a room and get some sleep!! I've had approximately 5 hours of sleep since 6:30am on Thurs (something like 56 hours ago) and I'm just whipped!!

Back up to the USO Club I went, where one of the volunteers called around until she found me a rental car... I guess with so many flights cancelled, everyone is renting cars... She had to call around to find me one!! I got the shuttle over to Avis and picked up a real POS Hyundai, sub-compact and absolutely bottom of the line, but still somehow cost me $80!!! Don't you just love it?

I finally made it to Greensboro, though I felt I was really fading there at the end, and am checked into the airport Marriott... the hotel and the room are really nice, even if they DO charge $.49/min for Internet... guess it's TV tonight for me!! LOL. The room cost about the same as the freakin' car! Room service has been ordered, including a Foster's, and I'm chillin'. I don't think I'll last much longer tonight.

I need to keep reminding myself that tomorrow HAS to be better!! It just HAS to be!!