Friday, February 19, 2010

Home at last, home at last!!

We were up and out early this morning, headed to the airport shortly after 8am. We were leaving from different sides of the airport, so we parted ways fairly early :(

The flights were uneventful, though they were long and uncomfortable. I was fortunate enough to get a bulkhead seat on the flight out of Vegas and that was wonderful... I really do enjoy the additional leg room. My flight out of Atlanta was on a tiny, weeny regional jet and, while the gentleman next to me was small enough to do so, he just refused to stay in his own seat... it was arms and elbows and feet and knees... God, I HATE it when people take up some of MY space... I paid just as much (or more) for this damned ticket as they did; what gives them the right to take up MY space?? (Strangely enough, we're sitting here watching Bill Maher right now, and he's got Wanda Sykes on there - and they were just discussing "fat people on planes" - same theory... taking up MY space)

At any rate, I landed in Raleigh about 30 minutes after B and we met up at the ticketing desk; we proceeded down to baggage claim to retrieve our luggage (I took all the bags with me this time, because being on military orders makes them ALL free) -- and -- can you guess?? NO BAGS!!

So, again I have to find the Delta baggage office and report my bags as missing... Seems that they were left behind in Atlanta and would be arriving on the 10pm flight. Uh, huh... B says it's 'cause I argued with the desk clerk at the Delta counter last Saturday and she has flagged my name in the system! LOL Supposedly the luggage will be delivered tomorrow morning... let me say it again -- DELTA SUCKS!!

It's nice, nice, nice to be home and I can't wait to see Baby Girl tomorrow!! It was great to see the boys tonight! I've missed them, too! The baby chins are adorable - there's one male and one female; Middle Child wants to keep the one that's almost (but not quite) white - thankfully she's the female! The little guy is the same beige that Misty and Slippers are - hopefully we'll be able to sell him in a couple of months. We do NOT need any more chins!!

Little Man's puppy will be ready the first week of March and he's anxious to get her. I'm not too excited to have to housebreak a dog again, but, I guess you do what you have to do. Elvis is continuing to lose weight, despite our best efforts... he's still moving around well and seems happy enough, so we keep on keepin' on. Herbie is doing very well on his reconstructed knee and is pretty much bearing full weight, which is GREAT! Doesn't seem like his diet has done much good, but we'll keep trying. I'd hate for him to blow out the other knee!!

Well, time to get some rest; it's nearly 11pm here, so my brain thinks it's almost 8pm, but Baby Girl will be up early, early, so I need to sleep while I can!!