Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010!!

OMG! I can't believe it's another new year!! We spent New Year's up in Philly - took Baby Girl and hopped on a plane (she's no more fond of planes than she is of cars, unfortunately!)

We flew up on Wednesday (the 30th) and were in Philly by noon; we got some hoagies from a real sh!thole of a place - B assured me that they are the best hoagies in Philly - and they WERE really good (and huge)!! We ate them at Uncle B's shop while having a little visit. Baby Girl warmed right up to him again and was soon crawling up in his lap for snuggles!! He was absolutely tickled pink.

We stayed at one of the downtown (Center City) hotels - on the 24th floor... It snowed Wednesday night which Baby Girl thought was wonderful. Thursday, we went to the Benjamin Franklin Institute, which was really neat - I'd never been there before - lot of hands on stuff for Baby Girl, even though she was a bit young to appreciate most of it. We kind of caught the early fireworks on New Year's Eve (I say "kind of" 'cause we were stuck in traffic...) and then ate dinner at a tiny, but very authentic place down in Chinatown.

I woke up sick on Friday... not as bad as B and Baby Girl have been, but just feeling "puny" - we watched the beginning of the Mummer's Parade on the TV while Baby Girl was napping, then bundled up and went down into town. We couldn't get to any of the places that the string bands were performing, but we did get to see the elaborate costumes - Baby Girl watched intently! The parade wasn't progressing in a very "normal" manner - there were huge, huge gaps between the bands - sometimes more than 15 mins - and after a while, B declared that "this sucks" and we went back to the hotel. For all the bundling that we did, poor Baby Girl was freezing - she refused to let me cover or warm her hands and I worried that she might never warm up, even though it wasn't really ALL that cold outside - it was in the low 40's I think - but, still, she's so little!!

We had to get up at an unreasonable hour this morning to get to the airport; our flight was scheduled to leave at 7:40am, but the check in line for Southwest was truly ridiculous (took us about an hour to get through), so they delayed take off to wait for all the stragglers - we didn't actually leave until nearly 8:30... despite the fact that they allow more than ample time required to physically fly, we were late getting into RDU - we stopped in Raleigh at an iHop for breakfast and Baby Girl gobbled down a huge portion of cheesy eggs!! Despite the continually running nose, she seems to be feeling MUCH better.

I tried to pick the dogs up this afternoon, but B had failed to mention that the kennel was closing at noon today - he says that he didn't see the huge sign that was prominently displayed on the door... I think he just didn't bother to read it... either way, now they're stuck until Monday, with no medication and without their own food, and it's going to cost me an extra $80, so I'm none too happy. B did apologize for not seeing the sign, IF it was there when he dropped off the dogs on Wednesday... whatcha gonna do??