Saturday, December 26, 2009

I HATE Hyundai!!

And I will be sure to tell that to anyone who will listen, and possibly to some who don't care to hear it!!

We submitted the paperwork to the Better Business Bureau for the arbitration process with Hyundai; they complied everything and sent it to Hyundai for review - and Hyundai came back and offered to look at the vehicle. How f'ing generous of them!

So, they are going to schedule their regional rep to come down to the local dealership and check out my POS vehicle... though I strongly suspect that s/he will find nothing wrong, since they seem to think my car is just fine. If they say that the car is fixed, or that there is no problem with it, then we have the option to escalate to a "real" arbitration - where we would meet with a BBB rep and a Hyundai rep and go over the vehicle's history - then the BBB rep would likely "test drive" the vehicle and later make a recommendation that is considered binding. SO, IF s/he says that Hyundai needs to replace my vehicle, then they have to do so; BUT, if s/he doesn't "feel" the problems and judges the vehicle to be "normal", then we're SOL.

My thought, at one point, was to "park" the Veracruz and let the car catch up with the miles that I've put on it. I am planning on buying a "beater" anyway, for Middle Child to drive and to put the majority of my miles on in my travels to work (40 miles each way) - BUT, as I considered this, it occurred to me that I will pay approximately $15k towards the loan in a 2yr period, and who knows if that will "save" me any money in the long run. If I trade the car now, with the mileage it is carrying and the negative equity rolled in from the Envoy, I'll probably have to buy my way out of it to the tune of $8k or so, but then at least it will be GONE and DONE!! I think that's the way we're leaning right now. We'll see the arbitration process through, I guess, since we went this far already, but neither B nor I hold out much hope for any relief from Hyundai... B said he'll write the president a "thanks for nothing" letter and then another to the National Transportation Safety Board (just to be an ass), and then we'll never buy another Hyundai. Live and learn... I guess sometimes you just get screwed.

Now, I have to find not one but TWO cars... I'm still thinking Q7, though we'll see... any Audi I buy will have to be used and I know that Audi repairs = BIG bucks... so there is that to consider. It's either a used Q7 or a new Highlander. Geez, I love that panoramic roof! LOL

On a sad note, Gama has not been doing well. She went downhill rather quickly and we have no idea what to expect from here on out. On Wednesday, she refused to get out of bed, was incoherent when she tried to speak, refused to eat or drink all day and only seemed to be able to stay awake for 20-30 seconds at a time. The same on Thursday... on Friday, she woke up much more lucid, got out of bed (though she is too weak to walk and has to use the wheelchair), and even managed to eat a litle breakfast, though she then refused anything further throughout the day. We went up to see her yesterday afternoon and she knew who we all were (even Baby Girl who she called by name as soon as she saw her); some of the conversation was lucid, some was very strange (like when she asked me if I'd been able to grow any eggs yet, and this seemed to make perfect sense to her) - God bless the boys for just rolling with it and not asking what Gama meant by the ramblings...

We left there finally and went to Mom & Dad's for a little family celebration/gift exchange. The kids had a great time - and the adult conversation was nice, though M and I did a fair amount of case-related talk which I think annoyed B a bit. The conversation drifted, at one point, to the inevitable task of cleaning out Gama's house when the time comes... not something that I want to think about, though I guess it's something that I'll have to face eventually as I will have to decide what I want to keep and help get rid of the rest of it. I am grateful, for now, that she made it through Christmas and pray that she'll make it into 2010 - though if she doesn't, I am thankful that she doesn't appear to be in any discomfort or pain, even though she's not eating and I was told that the 2 days she was sleeping, she had a perpetual smile on her face - so wherever she was in mind/spirit, must be a good place.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

So... tapering my caffeine intake wasn't really working for me

The original "plan" was to taper my intake through November and stop completely before 1 Dec. It quickly became apparent to me that this wasn't going to work - I just like Diet Coke too much! LOL So, then I had the absolutely BRILLIANT idea to stop cold-turkey, and I've been paying for it all weekend...

Now, I know that some people would say "well, DUH, of course you're going to be miserable... withdrawals... etc." BUT, I would argue that I've quit caffeine (always abruptly) at least 6 times in my life and the effects are variable. At times, I have been totally incapacitated, sometimes there have been NO ill effects, most of the time the results are somewhere in between. This is one of "those" times. I had a headache all day yesterday - not blinding, but enough to impair my vision and make me miserable. I stayed in my pjs all day... even took a shower and then got into clean pjs! LOL

Today, the headache is all but gone, but I've been absolutely exhausted all day. I was going stir crazy, so I took Doo out to Lowe's and then McDonald's. We were only gone for about an hour, but when we got back, I had to take a nap!! And then I didn't want to get up! I am praying that, since I feel better today than I did yesterday, that tomorrow will be even better! 2 days without caffeine and counting...