Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What was he thinking?!?

So, today, my darling nearly 13 yr old son was suspended from school - for one day - for SELLING those Ambesol Q-tip things to his classmates. He got in trouble for distributing medication... I can't begin to fathom what he was thinking. Apparently, neither can he.

We didn't yell, we didn't smack him around (though the thought DID cross my mind briefly) - right now he's at my house, so the computer/TV are off limits for the rest of the week (he goes back to his dad's on Friday), he'll have to go to work with me tomorrow (that should be a blast), and he has to pay me back for the things he gave away, since I bought them.

Sometimes I swear I just don't get it... but then, I guess I just can't think like a 13 yr old boy!!

Changing gears -- I've got to try to figure out what type of car I want. Unfortunately my choices are very limited - looks like Hyundai, Toyota or Nissan, actually. I like the Murano but it's much smaller than the Veracruz (no 3rd row), and B says it's "cheap" on the inside. The Pathfinder has the 3rd row, but it's an SUV, not a crossover. I also like the Santa Fe, but primarily because it's available in pearl white - probably not a good reason to buy a vehicle. I'm pretty sure it's also on a truck frame... I used to love my Veracruz!! Now I see pictures of the interior and just feel "ick"!! Though I'm thinking of going with the brown saddle leather this time around which gives it an entirely different look! The Highlander is a nice looking vehicle too (probably a truck frame) and it comes in a hybrid, which is pretty cool... Even my very limited selection seems to be too much for me to handle!! I suppose I'll have to go down there and actually look at the vehicles and drive some to make a final decision. B is leaning towards the Veracruz.... I'm not totally convinced.