Thursday, October 29, 2009

My car is a huge P-O-S!!

Arrrgggghhhhh!!! I am SO done with my car!! The damned thing had yet another major problem.... this time it was lagging (seriously) when I pressed the accelerator and then jumping suddenly, and sometimes jerking when I was driving at a steady speed - it's hard for me to describe because I don't know the appropriate mechanical terms, but it felt like I was driving along and rhythmically letting up on the accelerator, causing the vehicle to slow briefly and then accelerating back to speed - only I wasn't making it happen... I took it to the dealership because it was driving erratically as described above, and because the "check engine" light had come on.

We left the car, then called that afternoon to find out what was wrong... their answer? "The "check engine" light isn't on and we the codes the computer is bringing up are nothing." Uh... okay... it's still f'ed up, even if you can't figure it out.

So we took it home, and I drove it for another 2 days until the "check engine" light came back on, because it always does... and we took it BACK to the dealership and this time left it running until the guy came out and saw it lit. They hooked it up to the computer again and this time supposedly got a whole different set of codes. The called Hyundai and decided that a "software upgrade" was required after the throttle body was replaced the 2nd time, and they had neglected to do this, and THAT'S why the car is jacked up now. The throttle body was last replaced over a year ago - wouldn't you think that, if it was a software incompatibility issue, it would have manifested a little sooner?? Especially given how much I drive in a year?? I guess not...

When we went to pick the car up, the service manager told B that Hyuandai told him that I apparently have one of three Veracruz's in the US that are totally jacked up... Hyundai keeps track of all of this in great detail it seems. Now, as much as I have bad-mouthed Hyundai in recent months, I don't truly believe that they are ALL pieces of crap; I have always believed that I was unfortunate enough to have gotten a real "lemon" of a vehicle - now I know that this is a fact. And while it might be nice to know that they are capable of manufacturing quality vehicles, it doesn't make it any easier to stroke that check each month, as I'm waiting for the next huge problem to rear it's ugly head!! My car cost just as much as any of the ones that are functioning properly!! I didn't get a discount because mine is f'ed up!

On a possibly positive note, the service manager also told B that he would go with us to the dealership owner to discuss cutting a "deal" to trade my car in for something new (I have to think that he's already broached this subject with the owner, as he would look incredibly stupid if he went in there with us and the guy said "hell, no"). I am very anxious to see if we can work this out - I figure that, at the rate I put miles on the car, I have less than a year left on my warranty (I currently have 65k miles on the car; the drive train warranty is to 100k) - this is the 4th major defect we've had to have repaired; thanks to the warranty, I haven't had to come out of pocket for any of them, but that will all change when the warranty runs out next year and I am NOT going to be happy about putting out hundreds, or possibly thousands, of dollars to fix a car that has been jacked up since the day we bought it. I imagine that Hyundai will make some sort of accomodation for the dealer should he cut us a deal, as they know that the car is dysfunctional.

Because I rolled the negative equity from the Envoy into this car, I'm currently upside-down in the loan,or I'd have already dumped the damned thing. I'm not totaly keen on getting a new Veracruz, though I doubt a new one would have these issues - so we're looking at what other options may be available. It has to be something that this guy has at one of his many dealerships, and we're not totally sure what lines that encompasses. B is supposed to call the service manager tomorrow to find out. I may end up with a Veracruz anyway, because that might be the best deal. B says if they offer to take the car and $5k for a new one, we're all over it.

We tried to look at some options today, but there are a pitifully small number of crossover vehicles in this area. The Hyundai place had ONE Veracruz in white (we wanted to see a black one - not a huge fan of black, but the Veracruz is not supposed to be a flat black, supposed to be metallic and dimensional, so I want to check it out); the Mazda place didn't have a single CX-9; they had several CR-7s, but those are smaller; the Buick place had one (used) eggplant colored Enclave (it really was a purple-brown color).

Now, as car's go, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the look of the Enclave... BUT -- it's an American car, which I am NOT a fan of... the pieces just don't "fit" together right - there are gaps and irregularities... and they are quite a bit more expensive than the Veracruz (start out at $5k more for the base model) - my car payment is currently just over $600/month; I really don't want to end up paying even more!! Now, since that one Enclave IS used, it might be more affordable, and I don't care about it being used.... but it's still an American car... so I just don't know.