Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shopping Diva!!

So, my new "thing" is scouring consignment shops for designer clothes... and I will say that with just 4 trips to various shops, and about $350, I have totally re-outfitted my wardrobe!!

I decided recently that I needed new clothes - you know, B likes me to dress up more and I honestly feel better when I do (strange, but true...) but just didn't have the wardrobe to really support that. And, I like nice stuff... I tried shopping online, with varied success. Ended up on ebay looking at designer lots of clothes - which is great, but... you just don't know how something is going to look on you until you put it on - I've had my share of returning items after I bring them home!! So, instead, I found "looks" that I liked on ebay and took pics of them with my phone! Hahahaha!! Figured that I could take the pics to the store with me and see if I could duplicate it reasonably.

Anyway, somehow I got the idea to hit Fifi's and - what do you know? - I found lots of nice stuff for VERY reasonable prices... I got a new looking Ralph Lauren purse that is TOO cute for just $14!! I was too thrilled to see a price tag of $28, and more than willing to pay that, BUT... anything that has been in the store for over 30 days is HALF OFF!! Who knew??

All in all, I've gotten quite a lot of things - I've gone to Fifi's in So Pines, and the one in P'hurst, A Bit of Couture in P'hurst and Champagne Taste in Raleigh. I've gotten an ivory leather jacket, a Liz Claiborne 100% silk jacket, a brand new Talbot's blazer in a gorgeous blue (yes, I know it's for spring, but it was SUCH a deal! LOL), Ralph Lauren pants, Talbot's pants, Liz Claiborne pants and tops, lots of shirts, a couple of sweaters (including 4 darling 100% silk sweater tanks that will be great under other things), a few jackets that are lightweight enough to wear almost as shirts, several skirts, a cute dress, etc. I couldn't be happier!! I've been pulling some of my older, more pedestrian stuff out of the closet to go to Good Will... I've always envied the local "soccer mom" look and now I can look polished and sophisticated all the time, too!! LOL

I got my hair done today - still have high lights and some low lights, but darkened the overall hair in between. I really like it... got rid of the brassiness that was getting on my nerves. Tomorrow morning I'm getting my nails did - they I'll be PHAT! Hahaha!!


J and D said...

I LOVE Shopping deals!!!!! You might like Nic and Zoe clothes, casual but dressy for our age.

Rebekah said...

Good for you!! :) It's good to pamper yourself with new clothes and a new look!