Saturday, September 26, 2009

Even though I don't work that much, it seems like it's all I do! LOL

I guess the truth of the matter is that the days in between just fly by so quickly!! I've been back in the gym, which feels GREAT! I also registered for TRX classes started next Tuesday; hopefully that will go well - I just realize that this will be the first classes that I've gone to in the 4+ years that I've had a membership at First Health! I've been meaning to go to classes... just haven't quite made it yet.

Didn't make it to the gym today, which was a bit disappointing, but that's because I worked last night, then had an appointment this morning for another panorex - it was 10:30 by the time I got home and I spent the entire day (literally) putting together my new Scrap Box - which, by the way, is TOTALLY awesome and I am SO psyched that I got it - can't wait to load all my junk into it!! Then I hopped through the shower and headed back to work.

Hopefully I'll get to sleep soon... I'm pretty beat and I DO want to spend at least 45 mins at the gym tomorrow so as not to ruin my latest streak. I've been following an iPhone application called "C25K" for "couch to 5k" to get back into running; I hate it, which is expected, but I'm doing it anyway - and it makes me feel good, so it's not all bad.

My current case, the one that is preventing me from catching some "Zzzzs" is a 3 year old great dane who is delinquent on his vaccines; he's been vomiting non-stop since 11pm (per the owner), and has a fever of 104.7. The owner isn't sure, however, if he wants to spend the money tonight as the dog stopped puking on the ride over. Uh, hello, idiot... there's STILL the matter of the nearly 105 temperature to address!! The world is just FULL of morons, and unfortunately most of them own pets -- I try to take the positive approach and remember that for me it means job security!

On a much, much more pleasant topic, my Baby Girl is about to start walking, I do believe! She spends a lot of time standing now and balances quite well; she can reliably take 6+ steps before landing on her padded butt or dropping to her knees because she crawls much faster than she walks and she knows it! She is an amazing joy and I am grateful every single day that we have her - yes, even when she spits eggs directly into my eyeballs, even when she dunks Pink Berry into the poopy diaper, even when she wakes me up at 5am because she wants to play, I am thankful.