Friday, August 28, 2009

This "day work" sucks!

How in the world do people get anything done when they work all day?? I've been doing relief for Dr. G this week and, while I enjoy the hospital and the people, I feel like I haven't gotten anything done this week!! But, I have a purpose/goal for being here, and I keep reminding myself of that!

Since we are not planning on moving any time soon, and since I have no room for all my stuff, I am going to buy myself a "craft box" - yes, it's $1200+, but it will be AWESOME... it will hold all of my stuff and give me a workspace so I can get back to the scrapbooking!! I am SO psyched now that I've made that decision! I also just bought a used Husqvarna (sp) sewing machine to replace the ancient one that I struggle with now... again, totally psyched!! Life is good...

The Doo beans is working hard at the walking stuff!! Oh to be so trusting that you just let yourself fall!! Childhood is beautiful - too bad real life doesn't match!