Thursday, July 30, 2009


Once again, it's been a while... so I'll try to summarize what's happened in the last few weeks...

B and I took our kids, and my sister and her kids to Orlando for vacation - a week in July - WHAT the hell was I thinking?? It was miserably hot! The kids still had a great time, but the weather damned near did the adults in!!

We drove to Georgia the first day, and stayed overnight; got to Orlando just after lunch time, but the house wasn't available yet (grrrr.....) so we piddled around, ate lunch, and decided to check out the Magic Kingdom. We left there about 5pm and went to get the house information, went to the grocery store and got moved in. It was a nice house... we had a little issue with the dividing up of the rooms because 2 rooms had twin beds, 4 rooms had kings and 1 had a queen... the problem was primarily between Little Man and my oldest nephew, who were BOTH trying to claim the room with the queen bed... I finally told T that he could have it for the first 2 nights and then he'd have to trade rooms with Little Man (who had twin beds) - Little Man was a little mollified when I explained that at least he'd have the room to himself - having 2 beds did not necessarily mean that he had to share the room.

The pool was a huge hit as was the game room - it had a full sized pool table and an air hockey table. Each of the bedrooms had its own TV also, which the kids loved, though they seemed to watch most of the TV on the big screen in the living room. Mere and I spent over $200 at the store, but we got food for pretty much every breakfast and dinner - so in the long run, it saved me a ton of money! I spent nearly $100 each day just for LUNCH at the parks!! The one big downer about the house was no wifi - you just get so used to always having it available... there was a phone in the kitchen that had dial up access, but that meant you had to (1) have a phone cord - which we didn't and (2) stand at the kitchen counter. What was up with that?? For that much money, we should have had better options...

For the most part, B stayed at the house while we went to the parks; M and I took all 7 kids. We did Animal Kingdom on Wednesday - I'd never been there before, and it was better than I had expected. We left fairly early (4pm) because the space shuttle was set to launch (weather permitting - it had been delayed 5 times already). B and I took Middle Child and T (the only 2 that were interested) down to Titusville where we found a spot in the median of the road, directly across from the launch site, a mere 12 miles across the water from us. It was really cool to watch! As B said, it was a once in a lifetime kind of thing (even though this was HIS 3rd time, but then, he's done a LOT of things that other people have never even dreamed of!) The boys loved it and are looking forward to bragging about it to their friends!! LOL

It was Sea World the next day, and Hollywood (formerly MGM) Studios the last full day. For the most part, we let the older kids do their own thing - they kept in touch via texting and it worked out really well. That allowed me and M to cater a bit to B and sometimes L (though she often rode the rollercoasters with the boys); Baby Girl was out of luck on most things, though she did get to ride a few of the tame rides.

We had to leave the house Saturday morning, and we all (B included) went to Epcot, which was the only park he was really interested in. We were pretty disappointed, however, to find that the country exhibits didn't open until 11am!! We were there when they opened, trying to get in a short day and beat the heat - but it got all screwed up... By noon, it was smokin' hot and he was ready to go - so we packed up the kids and left.

We drove into the edge of South Carolina and B decided that he wanted to stop for the night; M and crew went on home - I think they got in shortly after 11pm. It worked out well for us, though, because we were able to go to dinner and then settle down in the rooms so that Baby Girl could go to sleep and stay on a semi-normal schedule. We didn't rush out Sunday morning, but took our time, and got home early afternoon - not too bad, really.

Everyone had a good time, but we all agreed on 2 things - the next time we go should be several years from now, and it should be in the fall! We'll see what happens with that!!

Oh, yeah, almost forgot... my little punkin' cut her first tooth while we were on vacation -- the TOP right one! I had been carefully watching her bottom gums for any sign of teeth and my sister casually said one evening - "uh, you know she has a tooth, right?" WHAT?? The little bugger cut an upper one first... She has 3 teeth right now... the first was the upper right, then the lower left came in (making her a real snaggletooth!), then the upper left; you can just begin to see the lower right making its way to the surface. No wonder she's had all those ear infections lately...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Last week was rough!!

WAY too many clients/patients and WAY too little sleep last week!! It took me several days to recover, especially since I got some type of virus concurrently which had me pretty wiped out, but now I'm feeling fine.

Yesterday, the boys and I cleaned out the pantries... 3 garbage bags later, it looks great and there is room for Baby Girl's food (without worrying about jars of baby food crashing down on your head or feet every time you open the cabinet door!). Today I get to tackle the refrigerator and freezer (can you tell I'm procrastinating??).

B and I looked at bottom drawer freezers today at Lowe's; he knows how badly I want one, and I really think that I'll get one next big sale at the BX - he said he's going to ride out there and talk to the lady that hooked us up with the washer/dryer last Veteran's Day!!

We're gearing up to leave for Orlando; 36 hrs and counting... I went up to see my grandmother on Thursday and was planning on dropping off the stroller and pack 'n play for M to transport for us since she has more cargo space. Well, I got all the way to Cary and realized that I didn't put the damn things in the car! So, I have to go to M's tomorrow to take them. Way to waste time and gas...

So, not much else going on right now... doing laundry, dishes, etc. Tomorrow is packing and finishing up... and then we're off! Mickey Mouse, here we come!