Monday, June 29, 2009

Home at last

I had a great time and it was wonderful to see my friends again, and to meet the ones that I knew only online, but I am so glad to be back home!!

At Fiesty's urging, I gave Baby Girl a small dose of Benedryl before we got on the first plane, and the sweet girl slept pretty much the entire flight!! She was awake on the 2nd flight, but was happy and cheerful so it was okay. She wasn't too happy about the drive home - she started crying and was inconsolable, once we passed Cary, and finally fell asleep just before we got to Sanford. Travelling is difficult for her... poor baby.

Daddy was very glad to see his bitty girl and she was all smiles for him!! He says that I can never take her away again because she got sick! Of course, she got sick the first time when I left her with him... hmmmm....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The good and the bad

Yesterday had it's good points and it's bad ones...

The good -- Baby Girl had a GREAT time at the water park; once she got over the coolness of the water, she splashed, laughed and played! She was her usual fearless self and actually tried to get away from me - she flipped over onto her belly and kicked her legs/feet, trying to CRAWL through the water!! The older kids had a good time, too, in the arcade and at the water park. Emmy Smurf came over with her 4 and they joined in the fun. We all went to dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise - and here's where the fun ended --

Near the end of dinner, poor little Baby Girl vomited all over my dress - she hadn't been eating well - last ate baby food on the plane on Friday and had been refusing it ever since. She had woken up with a small spot on her right cheek (smaller than a dime) and by the end of dinner, it had spread to completely cover her cheek. She was very restless and weepy, crying hoarsely after she vomited. Since she had been vomiting small amounts earlier, I decided to take her to be checked out. We spent 3 hours in the Urgent Care Dept of Children's Mercy Hospital here in KC. They were very nice, but slow, slow, slow. The end "diagnosis" was a mild ear infection (left) and Enterovirus. I was given an antibiotic for her ear and told to offer her clear fluids until she stops vomiting.

She wouldn't sleep last night unless she was on my chest, and then she shifted, coughed or fidgited every 10 mins, so I was up all night. Today has been more of the same - she has already had 3 naps and acts like a 4th might be warranted. That is totally unlike her. She wakes up happy and smiling and it lasts for about an hour, then she degenerates into a weepy, crying mess until she falls asleep. Her fever is up also - 101.5 at last check. She is still vomiting up most everything - she can keep down small amounts of Pedialyte, but vomits if she drinks too much or if she gets solid food/formula - this has been AWFUL!! I expect tonight to be as bad as tomorrow.

Fiesty told me to give her 1/2 tsp of Benedryl about 30 mins before we get on the plane - to make her drowsy and help open her sinuses and clear her head to make her more comfortable during the flight. Thankfully Bugabee had some Children's Benedryl in her car 'cause the store here at the result had none.

The boys are acting crazy and Little Man just fell and got hurt... this is going to be a LONG night... I expect it to be worse than last night as we're the only ones still here, so there is no one else to distract them. God help me... I'm ready for this "vacation" to be over!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A "new" adventure...

We left this morning for a brief vacation - 4 days in Kansas City, KS. Why Kansas?? you might be wondering. It's not exactly a vacation mecca... it's hot and flat and... well, it's just KANSAS, for crying out loud.

This weekend is a get together of a group of friends - I'm sad to say that the entire group wasn't able to make it, but more than half of us did, so that's not all bad - 10 adults and 18 children in all. We came from all across the US - California, Iowa, North Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, and Idaho - descended upon the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City yesterday afternoon and just took over! LOL

This lodge is alright - the girl who checked us in was rather rude, and it's rather expensive, but the room includes access to a huge indoor waterpark, Magic Quest, mini golf and a huge arcade - you don't have to ever leave the place, which is good, because we're in KANSAS!!

The boys came back from the arcade with 5' tall inflatable aliens in noxious shades of blue and green. Five of 'em. Yes, FIVE. Because apparently ONE alien wasn't enough!

They played in the water park, too, and seemed to have a good time. We're rooming with Google and her son, which is nice because it gives her son someone to hang out with so he can roam the hotel without his mom.

We didn't go to dinner until about 8pm local time (so 9pm for us) -- poor Baby Girl was SO exhausted she was just about sick. She fell asleep in the stroller in the restaurant, but was fitfull for the rest of the night. I can't keep her up this late every night. She had a rough day today, too - the flights were fine, but she had trouble sleeping and probably got less than 2 hrs total nap time in between 6a and 10p, so she was fit to be tied!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back to life as usual...

I'm back in the swing of things, though I am finding that it takes a lot more energy to deal with Baby Girl now that she's more mobile! LOL I am SO glad to be home though - I sure did miss her little face!!

Of course, I had to go straight back to work - the very day after I came home - but June is almost over and I will be able to get back to a "reasonable" schedule! I guess I should just be grateful for the extra income since we're going on vacation in July, right?!?

It has been crazy at home lately, trying to get everything done - unpack from AT and get all my gear cleaned and stored back in the attic, wash all the clothes and get them put away, catch up on all the personal issues (had my eyes checked on Monday, got my legs waxed yesterday, and getting my hair done tomorrow), visit my grandmother (today) and get ready to leave on Friday. Amazingly enough, I did manage to pack ALL of our clothes (4 days for all 4 of us) into one medium sized pullman using the rolling technique Maj R taught me... I was shocked, to tell the truth!! Packing the "normal" way, it would have only held MY clothes!!

Anyway, I'm back at work tonight, praying that it will be an easy night, but not counting on it given the way this week has been... what a reintroduction to my work!! Gloriously, I am OFF tomorrow and I am going to ENJOY it!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An update on what's going on at home...

B is angry at me for (1) being in the Army and (2) being away from home. I know that this last 12 days have been very difficult for him with his being sick, Baby Girl being sick, and all the stuff going on with my grandmother leaving him without ANY help or relief at all.... He has vascillated being between concerned about my well-being and being a complete ass to me... I finally told him not to bother to call if all he was going to do was make me feel bad about being gone - so he's been primarily texting, which is fine.

I talked to M late yesterday morning while we were out at the HEAT training - the pathology finally came back... Gama has lymphoma AND colon cancer. The primary goal right now is to get her feeling better and back at home - and then they might consider some form of chemo, possibly something mild and oral... as the oncologist said, "It's not so much a matter of what we CAN do, but more a matter of what we SHOULD do at this point." With Gama being 91... they feel that it's unlikely that the colon cancer will be the culprit at the end. Recurrence rate over 5 yrs is approximately 50%. So, while the diagnosis sucks, I guess it's not bad for someone her age. If she can recover from the surgery, that is... that's the area of most concern right now.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I received some very sad news today

I'm currently in Georgia for my AT (annual training) - we're set up in a "tent city" on Fort Gordon, pretending to be elsewhere... B is alone for the first time with Baby Girl and it has caused us some issues across the distance... it seems like so much has happened since I've been away.

B and I talked a few times and texted intermittently today -- Baby Girl spiked a fever today and had to be taken to the doctor; besides the teething, she had Roseola -- which means swollen lymph nodes, a fever, general malaise and a headache. Great... The best part?? It's a VIRUS, so there's nothing to do but moderate the fever, keep her hydrated and wait for it to break.

Herbie had an eye infection of some sort, and possibly a retrobulbar abscess judging by the way his globe is deviating laterally, but for now, he is eating normally and there is no pain on opening his mouth, so he's on Cephalexin, Pred and Tobramycin. If there is no improvement I'm a few days, he will have to be reevaluated... Elvis' hot spot seems to be drying up --B says the horrible odor is gone, so that was at least a bit of good news amongst the bad.

B told me that he was having a little sinus drainage, but apparently he is much sicker than he let on - he's about as bad off as poor little Baby Girl!!

So tonight I offered to call my mother - have her come down for a few days to help out. "She can't do that," he informs me. "Of course she can," I argue. And we go back and forth until he finally admits what he's not supposed to tell me...

Gama is in the hospital - she had surgery for an intestinal blockage and they found what they believe to be cancer. I sat on my bunk and cried for quite a while - but there's nothing I can do right now... I ended up telling Maj R everything and she called my father tonight to tell him how to officially inform the Army if they receive bad news and they need me to come home before the end of the exercise. Because we are in the midst of a simulation, he would have to put in a Red Cross call - just as if I were in Iraq. I spoke to him later tonight and he assured me that he doesn't feel if will be necessary, but I'm glad that he at least has the information on hand - it will definitely expedite the process in the worst case scenario..

I talked to M tonight - she actually talked to the surgeon after the procedure - seems that there was a stricture or some other type of narrowing of the lumen (nearly complete - barium wouldn't pass) near the ileocecal junction - the surgeon did a resection there; there was also a mass effect type of issue near the sigmoid flexire that he removed, and he did a colostomy (Gama will HATE that); he also found what appear to be small metastatic tumors in her rectum/pelvic inlet as well as some "strange spots" on the body wall adjacent to the ileocecal area of concern. He told M that he has no guess, no prognosis, no clue at this point - so we're waiting on path, which should be in on Friday or Saturday; she is supposed to call me as soon as she knows anything -- not that I will necessarily get the message in a timely fashion...

So all I can do now is wait... and pray; I doubt I'll sleep much tonight, but the Blackhawks are running night ops anyway, so I was doomed to be awake regardless.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time truly does heal all wounds...

Things are so much better now. I admit to still having "moments" where I wonder if I can do this, but most of the time I would say that I've put it behind me. Funny, that... considering that 6 weeks ago I didn't think that I'd EVER be able to move forward! Guess that just goes to prove how resilient we truly are...

Baby Girl is doing wonderfully!! She is nearly 6-1/2 months old now!! We started her in daycare last week - she goes every morning for a few hours - primarily to help B cope with my impending AT committment, but also for the socialization aspect. She needs to spend some time with other babies, to learn to play together, to share, to handle conflict, to stand up for herself etc. I also think that she'll learn new "tricks" faster from watching other babies. I have noticed that she is a bit developmentally delayed compared to my boys, but then, they were raised in daycares. I am SO grateful that that will NOT be the case with Baby Girl, but I also admit that daycares DO have some benefits. It has been difficult for me to have her there - but at least she's just right across the street (quite literally -- we can walk out the back door, straight out through the yard and across the street to the daycare parking lot!!)

We went to my mother's house yesterday to visit with my grandmother who turned 91 on Saturday. She was SO happy to see us, especially Baby Girl. We put Doo on the living room rug, she pulled up onto her hands and knees and for the very first time, made some forward progress!! I have a feeling that she will be fully crawling by the time I return from Georgia, and that makes me a bit sad. I have been able to be so much more involved with Baby Girl than I was able to be with the boys and I hate the idea of missing a single milestone! I can't really talk to Bill about it, though, because I already know how he feels about my being in the Reserves.

The koi (and the stupid shubunkins) are growing like crazy; the parrot-feather is spreading over the surface of the pond as are the 2 water lillies. Our original water lily has just put up a 2nd flower, and it's just beautiful. Too bad that they only last for a few days. When I get back from Georgia, the boys and I are going to pick out a few new koi - I want some butterfly finned ones. We also need to consider getting a catfish... or some more snails... we have algae galore! But, at least the water is clear and the fish are visible! Now, if I can just get them used to human presence so they'll come to the surface for me!