Saturday, March 14, 2009

I know I shouldn't take any joy in this...

but you know how I feel about Dr. C!! And the fact that she just screwed up BIG TIME and may well get fired because of it... while the situation is serious and I AM treating it as such, there is still a little part of me that is doing the **Happy Dance** (oh so quietly) inside my head!!

The final disposition still remains to be seen, but if she continues to work here, I'd be very surprised (and disappointed in management)... I probably shouldn't go into details right now - it would be inappropriate. But, it was a 2-Phase Fuck Up, one part bad judgement, one part malpractice...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm officially "done"

Breastfeeding, that is... I know I've waffled back and forth for the last month or so, but we were down to nursing only once or twice a day, and now it's been over 48 hours and I can hardly tell it's been that long! I guess that means that most of my milk has dried up...

There's a part of me that is sad - because Baby Girl is only 3-1/2 months old, because I worked SO hard to induce lactation - but, in all honesty, breastfeeding is often a pain in the ass!! I was tired of swollen, leaky boobs, and Baby Girl is more content on the bottle anyway - it takes more work to induce the let down than it does to get milk or formula from the bottle, so she would get impatient with me...

Maybe if I had produced more... maybe if I hadn't been so quick to supplement with bottles... maybe... maybe... maybe.... but none of that really matters. I had a fleeting, stupid thought this morning that I could probably bring my supply back up with intensive pumping, BUT I have a mandatory drill coming up... and that will just leave me stuck pumping irregularly, like every other drill, and result in a decrease in supply...

Ah... I'm done. A little sad, but I think I will be just fine.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today A from CCAH called me about the tech mentioned in my last blog entry - apparently she's applied for a job at CCAH and, A said that she knows how anyone I don't like just doesn't last at CCAH!! I did tell her about Sunday's drama, but I also added that the event was totally unexpected of this tech and that, except for that day, I had never had a single complaint about her - she is terribly efficient and very skilled, she's fun and easy going... I have always just loved working with her and would have no issues with working with her again.

In hindsight, after thinking on it for a while, I wonder if what happened was a result of her just being mentally "done" with AUC, kwim?? Because of Dr. C, she lost an option for her daughter and she had had to "call out" for Sunday night because her husband was flying out Sunday morning and she would have no one to watch little K Sunday night, and now she couldn't just bring her along...

I glossed over whacktard tech, when L had asked me about her, because I felt bad being too honest (especially as Dr. S gave her a glowing endorsement)... and that didn't work out at all, and now I feel stupid for not being totally up front with her at the appropriate time, especially given my history with them - I didn't want a repeat - but as soon as I told A about the drama, I realized that that wasn't "typical" of this other tech, so I did expound on my feelings about her.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another crazy weekend -

at work... I knew one of the techs was leaving... since the "ban" on children at work (you know how I feel about Dr. C and her stupidity... I'll leave it at that, this time!), and the fact that this tech's husband is often out of town, she decided to find a day job that will allow her to better care for her daughter. Not too surprising... But this weekend, what she did was beyond anything I would have expected from her!!

On Friday, she brought in Kasha - she's a husky owned by an elderly woman; the dog is epileptic and a poorly controlled diabetic, possibly has other health issues... anyway, she had apparently developed pneumonia. Dr. C took her in and started her on treatments, to which she was reponding wonderfully. On Saturday, she was twisting up and pulling out her IV lines; she had completely stopped coughing; and that evening, the tech said that she would take Kasha home on Sunday.

I came in Sunday morning and went to treat Kasha, and we had only 7 units of insulin left... she needed at least 10. We called and called, but the tech wasn't answering. We finally got her after lunch and told her that she needed to come pick up the dog or bring more insulin. She argued that we should just use whatever was in the fridge, but Kasha is on U-40 insulin and what we had was (1) U-100 insulin and (2) EXPIRED. So, I refused to use it and told her she would have to bring some. Which she finally did, mid afternoon.

As she was walking out, I said, "I thought you were taking Kasha home today..." She turned and snapped, very loudly, "she's TOO SICK to go home!" I just turned away from her because I didn't want to get into a shouting match. She stomped out.

A couple of hours later, I get a call from Dr. W who is Kasha's regular veterinarian as well as this tech's old boss and one of the owners of AUC - he questioned me as to what had been done and what treatments were being done. He told me that the tech had called HIM and expressed great concern as to the treatment Kasha was receiving and asked him to call and check on her... WTH?? I was PISSED!! He seemed fine with what we were doing and made no recommendations as to additional treatment, but I was still mad that she would go around trying to make trouble like that -- because that was ALL she was doing!!

Our head tech was furious!! She called and reamed the aforementioned tech a new one because kept saying that we were deliberately neglecting Kasha because of her (the tech's) "special relationship" with the dog. Uh... right... if anything, she was better taken care of. Said tech also insisted that Kasha had been continually coughing, even though apparently she was the only one who heard it - everyone else, myself included, swears that there was NO coughing either Saturday or Sunday...

So, when Dr. C came back Sunday night, I let her know what had happened. And, in turn, she talked to management on Monday morning. Our manager was also FURIOUS!! The tech had overstepped her bounds totally by going to Dr. W. Now, the tech claims that she was just "venting to a friend" but that's BS - Dr. W is not her "friend" - they don't get together for dinner, they don't hang out at the club, they're NOT friends!! He was her boss, he is Kasha's primary veterinarian, she was trying to cause trouble for us... end of story.

End result -- management told her that she would not be working out the rest of her shifts this month and she was taken off the "call" list for fill in techs. She made all of us look really bad, though I have to say that I attempted to return the favor when I talked to Dr. W. I told him that the dog was doing GREAT and that the technician had felt she was ready to go home on Saturday so I didn't understand why things changed on Sunday... Management did tell me that, if he felt we weren't treating the dog appropriately, he would have said, "why don't you add this..." or "do that..." and he had nothing of the kind to say, so he must have agreed with our treatment plan. And, the manager also looked over the flow charts and couldn't see where the dog was not well taken care of, so the tech is the only one in trouble. But, she's gone now...

On another note, our manager also told me that she had talked to Dr. C finally and told her that Mr. C is NOT welcome in the treatment area, and that, in the instance that he has to wait for her, he can wait in the waiting room... hopefully that problem is solved! (I had told the manager that I was trying to talk to a client on Sunday night and Dr. C and Mr. C were talking about something totally innane - while she had clients waiting - and I had to ask them to leave so I could finish my conversation.)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We had a nice visit this weekend...

B's brother (D) and sister-in-law (S/D - as seems to be Thai tradition, she has a formal/given name and a familiar name) came down on Friday and stayed the weekend; this was a monumentous event as in the entire time B has lived in NC (over 5 yrs now), D has only come to visit once, and it was when he came HERE last year for a couple of days. He's like B's BFF G in that they are always wanting to visit with us, BUT they want US to make the drive up there -- and we have, many times. But since Baby Girl came along, B's attitude has become "you want to see her, you come to us" since we're the ones with a small child which presents its own difficulties in terms of travel.

So, they did come and we did have a nice visit, except for the fact that I was sick Friday night and most of Saturday. I had a debilitating headache -- not sure if it was a migraine (I've only ever had 1 before, but my sister and mother both have them, so it wouldn't be unusual or unheard of for me to develop them) or possibly caffeine withdrawal, because that can be pretty awful as well!! I vomited every time I ate and did little but sleep for 2 days - not much of a hostess!!! But, I was feeling better Saturday evening and was able to join everyone for dinner, and then we just sat around and talked until 11pm.

They brought gifts, mostly from B's neice... a soft pink teddy bear (called a "pancake bear", that we named "Pink Beary" 'cause that's what I call Baby Girl at times), bunches of adorable clothes from The Children's Place and some Polo shoes (pink, of course); D and S/D got her a Teddy Bear Factory Bear named "Golden One" - he's SO soft!! She'll love that as she gets older! And they brought food - Thai noodles and the awesome spring rolls!!

S/D is difficult to understand at times; for having lived in the US for over 40 yrs, she still speaks broken English and though she's using OUR words, her Thai accent is SO heavy that understanding her is hit or miss!! But, we muddled through!! One time, while the guys were out on the front porch (D smokes cigars and B was out there with him), S/D told me how B used to bring his girlfriends to her to get her opinion... yes, he brought several of them, she said - and they were always pretty girls - "the pretty girls always like B", she said. But, she didn't approve of any of them; they were no good or "two-faced". She told me that he had asked her about ME, after he took me up there for the funeral - "but he had already made up his mind about you" she said, with a laugh. She told me that he's a good man, that he never wanted or liked children until me (called them "rug rats"), and that he loves his daughter and will be a good daddy. I know all of this, but he is so gruff sometimes - she agreed, wholeheartedly, but assured me that he was changing, just couldn't do it too fast - "just a little bit at a time"!

S/D just loves, loves, loves children and spent hours talking to and cooing with Baby Girl, dancing around the room holding her and loving on her. Baby Girl took to her right away. She followed me around all weekend, watching what I was doing and critiquing - B apologized for her the first day, but I know she didn't mean any harm; she knows I already raised the boys, but she was just trying to be helpful! She helps S with the babies (C is 6, R 2-1/2 and T 1-1/2) every day and says that she's exhausted when she goes home, but I'm not surprised, watching her with Baby Girl!! All I can say is that S is DAMNED lucky -- no doubt she will come to realize this for herself when her mother is gone for 5 weeks!!

She's going to Thailand soon and is supposed to be bringing back some gold bling for Baby Girl, according to Thai tradition - a gold bracelet for each wrist and a gold necklace and Budda charm like she brought to me when she went 'home' last year.

Whatever else they may be, whether or not they are actually related by blood (a story in itself, that one), they are B's family and I am very fond of them as well.