Thursday, January 22, 2009

My cousin is going to be on TV...

I just got an email from G and T (and my mom also forwarded her copy to me) to let me know that G is going to be on an episode of COPS this weekend! How about that?? My crazy-ass baby cousin gets to be on TV! LOL

Hey everyone!

Well as most of you know, and some of you do not, back in late May to early June, I had a film crew from the TV show COPS riding along with me while on patrol. Well, in their producer’s infinite wisdom, he felt that one of my incidents of fighting crime and suppressing evil deserved some national air time on their show. On the same date, they will be showing another incident that I was involved in, but they were not riding with me on that particular night. They were riding with one of my close friends and co-worker, Raymond. My incident involved a short pursuit of a stolen truck, while Raymond’s involved the arrest of several juveniles that decided to run around and rob several people at gun point over a several hour period. The show will air on Saturday, January 24th at 7:00p.m. central time.

I don’t know everyone’s email that I would like to notify of this, so if I missed someone, please feel free to forward it along to those people you feel would like to see it. I have not had the opportunity to view the video, so hopefully I didn’t make too much of a fool of myself, but I guess that will give everyone new ammunition of things to jack with me about (as if I don’t give all of you enough cause already). My wife is already saying that my ego was big enough, now we will have to move iinto a bigger house!

Hope everyone is doing well!


So... one cousin wins the Ace Hardware nation-wide contest -

remember this??

Ace Hardware gives away $1 million store to veteran
May 2007

During its Spring Convention in Las Vegas, Ace Hardware Corp. announced that Gower Talley of Canby, Ore., is the grand prize winner of the Dream Ace[SM] Contest, awarding him the opportunity to own an Ace Hardware store in Houston valued at $1 million Following presentations by the two contest finalists, Talley and Frank Ali of Jackson, N.J., Ace retailers attending the annual Ace Hardware Convention in Las Vegas participated in a live vote to determine the winner. "We are thrilled to welcome Gower into our Ace family of entrepreneurs," said Ray Griffith, president and CEO of Ace Hardware Corp. "Each of our stores is independently owned and operated and the Dream Ace Contest has provided us the opportunity to shine a light on this fact as well as two qualities that are at the heart of Ace Hardware and our store owners--entrepreneurialism and helpfulness."

The whole article can be found here http://http//

now another cousin is on COPS... what's next for our family??


Cyn said...

Wow! See if it was my family, they would've been bragging about being the one pursued!