Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wish I had gotten this book months ago!!

So, I went for an acupuncture appointment last Friday and was telling S how I'm totally worn down and how my milk supply is waning.... and she recommended that I get a book called Baby Wise and follow the suggestions to "schedule" Baby Girl so that she will be more predictable and maybe I can get some rest. I couldn't find it locally, had to order it from Amazon, but it finally arrived... it was easy to read and it felt as though they were talking about ME when they were describing the pitfalls of baby-directed feeding schedules, which we are definitely on!! Given that we were going to my mother's for Christmas Eve, we decided to wait until today to do anything about scheduling her - being realistic that this isn't going to be easy...

We started this morning - she is on a 2-1/2 hr schedule, the time being measured from the beginning of one feeding to the beginning of the next; the routine is feeding - playtime/awake time - nap time. She refused to nap much at all today - spent a good part of the nap time crying, though we never let her get hysterical. If she cried for more than 10 minutes, one of us would pick her up, and love on her until she was nice and calm, then lay her back down. She would then nap, but only for a short time. I knew she had to be getting exhausted...

After her 5pm feeding, we had our "awake time" and then went for naptime about 6pm; after 10 minutes of crying, I comforted her and decided to swaddle her - something that we quit doing when she was about 1 wk old - wouldn't you know it, she went straight to sleep when I put her back in her crib and slept for 3 hours!! I had to wake her up to feed her at 9pm!! And even then, she never opened her eyes - she nursed and went right back to sleep. She's stirring now and squeaking, so she may get back up - we'll see... Hopefully today was the worst and tomorrow will only get easier!!

Guess I should comment on Christmas... we did the family Christmas Eve gift exchange at Mom and Dad's house. The boys got some toys and money, First Born mostly got clothes for his upcoming job, which was fine with him. He got his iPhone and that's the only thing he really wanted anyway - he's SO low maintenance, it's crazy... I got the last wise man for my Lladro nativity (!!) and a few other small things; M made us a dinner in a basket - shrimp cocktail, filet, twice-baked red potatoes, asparagus and chocolate cake - we had that tonight and it was wonderful!! Gama gave us $10,000!! I was NOT expecting that! (As a side note, we discussed it this morning and decided to put it into a "house fund" - we're going to look for some land and go ahead and purchase it, with the plan of building that house we've been contemplating within the next year or so. It all depends on the market, of course, because we still do have to sell this house.)

Last night was rough, and I slept precious little, so B took Baby Girl out of the room shortly before 7am so I could take a nap; he woke me at 9 -- the kids were chomping at the bit to get the gifts open. Actually, I think they were pretty patient, all things considered!

We opened the gifts, emptied the stockings and the boys took off to play video games! I had to force them to shut down at 11:45 so they could go to their dad's house! Guess it was a success. I'm just glad it's over!