Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time for some "tough love"

Well, sad to say, that the "trend" of good sleeping did NOT last. In fact, I think it lasted just that one day! LOL

We have had a series of rather rough days -- there has been a lot of gas involved, my poor baby! I've started giving Baby Girl a dose of Mylicon every time I feed her and she hasn't had an episode of colic since, for which I am SO thankful!! (thanks much, K, for the advice!!)

However... she is still sleeping in our bed, which means that I'm only half asleep at any given time; add to that the fact that she wakes up every 90-120 minutes, and you can understand why I'm so beat. I found out yesterday that even holding a coherent conversation is a real challenge!!

Ah, well... this too shall pass....

ETA - I totally forgot to explain the title of this post - if THAT doesn't speak to my state of mind, nothing does!!

I've finally decided that Baby Girl will just HAVE to take her naps in her own bed, as opposed to on my chest or in my arms - I have to be able to get things done while she's sleeping!! And, if that means that she has to cry, then so be it. I'll be monitoring her, and can step in if it gets out of hand, but hopefully she'll just cry herself back to sleep without getting hysterical!! I figured that I'll just set time limits for her naps and she will NOT be getting up before that time has been reached.

Now, if I can just get B to stop ruining my efforts!! He was gone all day yesterday and came home after dinner time; I put Baby Girl down and she was quiet for a while, then started to fuss - SO HE FREAKIN' PICKED HER RIGHT UP!! Which wouldn't have been as aggravating if he hadn't lectured me yesterday morning about how I need to just LET HER CRY so I can get things done!! So, I worked all day at this, and he walks in and confirms that crying DOES get you picked right up. Way to go, Daddy! I may kill him yet...