Wednesday, December 31, 2008

She's sick, sick, sick

Well, Baby Girl is sick for the first time... she's been increasingly congested over the last few days and running a very low grade fever - always under 100, so no terrible ocncern - we keep her on infant Tylenol every 8-12 hrs...

Anyway, Monday night was rough, rough, rough; she was SO congested and really having trouble breathing! I was actually worried enough to consider taking her to the ER, but we got her to sleep and her breathing seemed to ease - though I COULD feel vibrations in her chest that I hoped were just referred from her upper airways... she's also coughing up some mucous, which is disconcerting for her!

We made it through the night and I called the pediatrician first thing yesterday morning and they had me bring her in. Much to my relief, the doc said her lungs were clear!! They did a blood count - had to stick her little finger and get a tube full of blood - and said it looked like a viral infection. Could be RSV, but that usually comes with a runny nose, which she definitely hasn't had. We decided to treat symptomatically and monitor her, then if her symptoms increase, we'll have to go to the hospital for an RSV test. I'm supposed to monitor her breathing rate and effort and call if she gets worse - or go into the ER if it's the middle of the night. Hopefully it won't come to that!!

All of our scheduling efforts have gone to pot as she is "requiring" additional attention; we're back to refusing to sleep unless being held, but with her being so sick, we don't feel that we can really put her down and let her cry - that really increases her mucous also!! Guess we'll have to start completely over once this illness passes!! Oh, joy...

Of course, there's so little you can treat an infant with - infant Tylenol for the fever, saline nose drops and bulb suction for the mucous; luckily she's kept her appetite so that's been no trouble! Little heifer has gained nearly 2 lbs in the last 2 weeks!!

Hopefully this will pass soon, before it kills US!