Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our baby girl is getting SO big!!

We had a check-up today; Dr. R didn't tell me to bring her in, but I wanted the PDA evaluated and wanted to see how she was growing. She's up to 9 lbs 8.8 oz and has grown 2 inches (measuring 21.5" today)!!

Baby Girl (aka Squeaker) made a huge mess there in the doctor's office today - she had a BM in the waiting room, accompanied as usual by a lot of gas. I knew we'd be called back soon and that I would have to undress her, so I didn't bother changing her right then. When we got into the room, I set about to undressing her (she was pretty princess, super cute in a pink dress and little tennies) and my hand slid into something warm and gooshy... yep, that BM had blown up her back, almost all the way to her neck!!

So, I strip her down and she coats the paper on the exam table with poop - and I pull out the baby wipes and start giving her a mini bath (and of course she had had a REAL bath this moring as well!!); I get her all cleaned up and move her onto a clean section of paper while I pull the "emergency clothes" out of the diaper bag - and she PEES!! Just like when we were at M's for her first pics... must have been at least a half cup of urine!! It runs all over the table and down onto the floor - and I just started laughing... what else was there to do??

I finally get her diapered and the nurse returns to clean up the mess. I was just mortified!! Now I know how my clients feel when their dogs pee and poop on my clinic floors!!

Everything checked out fine though - her heart sounded good, she has a tiny bit of sebhorrhea (cradle cap) in her eyebrows and a light sprinkling of baby acne, but otherwise looks perfect - she ended up getting her first hepatitis shot today as well. She was lying on the exam table and the nurse stuck her - her eyes got huge and then she screwed up her face and SCREAMED! Just once... I picked her up and it was over... I hope she does that well for her next set of shots!!


Cyn said...

Oh the memories!