Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Does exhaustion eventually become a way of life??

So much for Baby Girl sleeping in the Pack 'n Play - that's over and done with, at least for now. Last night was another rough one, though there was no colic involved. She was just restless and fussy, refusing to be laid down - though I did eventually get her off of my chest by lying on my side to nurse her. Of course, then I was stuck in that position which wreaked havoc with my hips and lower back! I know she can't help it - what an adjustment she's had to make from her life inside the womb to this one out here...

Her favorite sleeping position is the one she's in right now - she likes to nurse until she falls asleep then she'll pull back and lay her head on my breast, just above the nipple. She makes frequent noises (we call her "squeaker") and such varied facial expressions (scowls, smiles, pouts)... I just love to watch her. She's so totally beautiful that I hate to move her... but it's midnight and I need to get a little sleep before I have to get the boys up and ready for school.

This would be her 2nd favorite position --


Cyn said...

She sounds absolutely precious! I loved when mine would fall asleep nursing! It's so hard to find a balance with everything. Here's hoping you get some rest!