Saturday, November 1, 2008

More adventures...

I got up early today and high-tailed it to the Convention Center as there was an 8am lecture that I wanted to attend. I've been going to the Critical Care series and have really learned some interesting things that I think will help me back at work!!

The lectures ended at mid day and there wasn't much else that caught my attention so I decided to skip out on the rest of the day there and find something more interesting to do - I debated between touring the USS Midway and going to the zoo - the zoo eventually won!!

For all they tout it as "The World Famous San Diego Zoo" it wasn't all THAT fabulous - but I guess, in the end, it's just another zoo - it just happens to be much larger than the NC Zoo, though I don't think it's any bigger than the zoo in Washington DC.

They did have quite the array of animals, though!! From zebras and tigers, to tree kangaroos and African hyraxes -

and I guess I have to say that they do have the Giant Pandas there... I guess you don't get to see them just anywhere...

Of course, there was a huge line waiting to see the pandas, but it moved pretty quickly and I was able to get in in a reasonable amount of time.

I did get through pretty much the entire zoo in the 3 hrs I was there, but I came back to the hotel with sore feet!! Thank God I wore tennis shoes today!!

I ate dinner downstairs in a restaurant in the hotel lobby, called Elephant and Castle. An English pub type of place - I had sweet potatoe fries and a beef stew that was pretty good. And while the price was inflated San Diego style, it was much more reasonable than last night's foray to the steakhouse!!