Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Annelise is here!

I'm far too tired to write anything original - I've been up since 3am and it's now nearly 10pm; so I am going to reproduce my "canned" description of the day's events...

Suffice it to say that I am in love again, I am as happy as I can be, and am eternally grateful -

Well, she's finally here - we were wondering if she'd make it by lunch time, and she did, but just barely!! We got to the hospital about 6am, they checked M in, drew blood, hooked up her IV and started the pitocin drip at 6ml/hr; they upped the dose by 6ml/hr every 15-20 mins until the hard labor started (about 11am). It was several hours before M really even felt anything, and then she got out of bed and onto one of those big exercise balls, resting her arms/head on the bed for support.

About 11:30, the contractions were pretty serious and M told the nurse that she'd be delivering within a half hour, and that the doc needed to be warned to stick around. Apparently they didn't take her seriously... after all, she'd only done this 3 times previously - how well could she possibly know her own body??

The nurse checked M and she was 5-6 cm and 90% effaced; that was a little disappointing because we were hoping that she'd progressed farther. The contractions kept increasing in strength and coming faster and faster - M was lying on her side, wrapping her hands around the bed rails in a white-knuckled grip (it hurt my heart to see her in so much pain, but there was nothing that I could do - she was at the point that no one could comfort her and she didn't want to be touched) - the contractions were now only 60-90 secs apart... the nurse checked again about 15 mins later and she was 7-8cm and completely thinned out; 10 mins after that she was fully dilated and ready to go.

They told us the doc was on the way back (WTS?!? Didn't we TELL her not to go anywhere??). M was curled on her side and said, "this baby's coming out" - they rolled her onto her back and I could see the Doodle-bops head crowning; as the doc walked in the door, Baby Girl emerged to the level of her eyes; the nurse put her head on top of her head and gently pushed her back IN! WTS?? I was about to "go Jersey" on someone!!

The doc was finally ready and they told M to "give us a push" - Baby Girl shot out in a single contraction and cleared my sister by a good 6"!! Thank God they hadn't had time to disassemble the bed b/c she landed on the end that breaks away!! The doc clamped the cord and let me cut it, which was difficult b/c my hands were shaking so badly!

The placenta wouldn't come out, and the doctor tried to reach up in there (ouch!) and get it, with little luck - she pulled out part of it but it was pretty torn up and macerated - and then my sister's blood pressure dropped to 57/26, which is terribly low, even for her - she got pale and dizzy and started perspiring - next thing we know, they rushed her off to the OR, knocked her out and went in after the placenta.

She seems to be alright now, though she lost a lot of blood - her hematocrit is down from 40 to 27, and she feels dizzy when she stands, but she's alright otherwise; her color is still good and she doesn't look that anemic. Hopefully they'll still let her go home tomorrow

All the kids were here this afternoon - my sister's 3 and my younger 2; they're all in love with Annelise, except for B (my sister's 5yr old) who was more enamoured with the Edible Arrangements than the baby!

Hopefully they'll let us go home tomorrow. I am so in love She's an absolute doll!!


JourneyofHope said...

Oh! She is beautiful!!!! Congrats Mommy! My thoughts are to your wonderful sister for a quick and speedy recovery.

Deana said...

I am beyond happy for you!!!!!! can't wait for more pics. Congrats.

Millie said...

She is adorable! Congrats to you all!