Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ah.... so THIS is what exhaustion feels like!!

I'd almost forgotten! LOL

So... my baby girl is a GREAT sleeper, but she wants to sleep ON TOP OF YOU!! The moment she's put down, she wakes up and starts fussing. So the options are (1) let her sleep on my stomach/chest or (2) plan on being up most of the night. Of course, letting her sleep on me isn't a solution in and of itself because I'm paranoid that I'll accidentally hold her too tight or smush her face into my chest or the covers - so I end up being awake anyway.

In general, B falls asleep pretty early, leaving me to deal with Baby Girl; he gets up early, too and usually takes over with her about 5am - but that doesn't leave ME much time to sleep. He seems to nearly always get his requisite 6 hrs, but I'm lucky if I can get 2 or 3 that are continuous. We're going to have to have a discussion about this soon because I'm too tired to do anything except care for Baby Girl, and that's just not fair. Especially as he still expects me to clean the house, plan & cook meals and do the majority of the childcare.

Regardless of how tired I am, I sure am loving having her here!! She really IS a good baby - she just wants to be held all the time - I've got to find the solution to that...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Annelise is here!

I'm far too tired to write anything original - I've been up since 3am and it's now nearly 10pm; so I am going to reproduce my "canned" description of the day's events...

Suffice it to say that I am in love again, I am as happy as I can be, and am eternally grateful -

Well, she's finally here - we were wondering if she'd make it by lunch time, and she did, but just barely!! We got to the hospital about 6am, they checked M in, drew blood, hooked up her IV and started the pitocin drip at 6ml/hr; they upped the dose by 6ml/hr every 15-20 mins until the hard labor started (about 11am). It was several hours before M really even felt anything, and then she got out of bed and onto one of those big exercise balls, resting her arms/head on the bed for support.

About 11:30, the contractions were pretty serious and M told the nurse that she'd be delivering within a half hour, and that the doc needed to be warned to stick around. Apparently they didn't take her seriously... after all, she'd only done this 3 times previously - how well could she possibly know her own body??

The nurse checked M and she was 5-6 cm and 90% effaced; that was a little disappointing because we were hoping that she'd progressed farther. The contractions kept increasing in strength and coming faster and faster - M was lying on her side, wrapping her hands around the bed rails in a white-knuckled grip (it hurt my heart to see her in so much pain, but there was nothing that I could do - she was at the point that no one could comfort her and she didn't want to be touched) - the contractions were now only 60-90 secs apart... the nurse checked again about 15 mins later and she was 7-8cm and completely thinned out; 10 mins after that she was fully dilated and ready to go.

They told us the doc was on the way back (WTS?!? Didn't we TELL her not to go anywhere??). M was curled on her side and said, "this baby's coming out" - they rolled her onto her back and I could see the Doodle-bops head crowning; as the doc walked in the door, Baby Girl emerged to the level of her eyes; the nurse put her head on top of her head and gently pushed her back IN! WTS?? I was about to "go Jersey" on someone!!

The doc was finally ready and they told M to "give us a push" - Baby Girl shot out in a single contraction and cleared my sister by a good 6"!! Thank God they hadn't had time to disassemble the bed b/c she landed on the end that breaks away!! The doc clamped the cord and let me cut it, which was difficult b/c my hands were shaking so badly!

The placenta wouldn't come out, and the doctor tried to reach up in there (ouch!) and get it, with little luck - she pulled out part of it but it was pretty torn up and macerated - and then my sister's blood pressure dropped to 57/26, which is terribly low, even for her - she got pale and dizzy and started perspiring - next thing we know, they rushed her off to the OR, knocked her out and went in after the placenta.

She seems to be alright now, though she lost a lot of blood - her hematocrit is down from 40 to 27, and she feels dizzy when she stands, but she's alright otherwise; her color is still good and she doesn't look that anemic. Hopefully they'll still let her go home tomorrow

All the kids were here this afternoon - my sister's 3 and my younger 2; they're all in love with Annelise, except for B (my sister's 5yr old) who was more enamoured with the Edible Arrangements than the baby!

Hopefully they'll let us go home tomorrow. I am so in love She's an absolute doll!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The nursery is done!

At long last, it is finished!! B did order a rug and that hasn't arrived yet, but I'm not counting that! Here it is (starting at the door and going clockwise around the room) - I just love it!

The changing station/book case

Her wardrobe -- well, part of it anyway!!

Next to the closet, her dresser and the rocker... wish you could see the prints better - they came out pretty nice!!

The window - you can kind of see her chandelier in this one

Still hanging in there...

This week has been incredibly long and tiring - I've worked every day (starting immediately upon my return from a 4 day drill) and haven't been napping when I get home because I've had so much to do to get caught up on 2 weeks of missed chores and laundry, get the nursery finished, and get the house ready for the Doodle-bops arrival! I framed the 2 larger nursery rhyme prints today and B is supposed to have hung them while I'm at work today - that should be the end of it - now if M would just go into labor! LOL

I can't believe that we're just days away from meeting our daughter!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

One more week

of work, and then I go on maternity leave!! We had an OB appt today - M measured 38cm, which is amazing since just 7 days ago she measured 34cm!! The doc said everything looks great, and wants to see us back one more time, next Monday... the induction is scheduled for 6am on Wednesday the 19th, though we'd all prefer if the Doodle-bops makes her grand appearance on Sunday or Monday at the latest!! They didn't check M's cervix, but then it doesn't really matter... she'll either go into labor before Wednesday or she won't, and if she doesn't, then we'll induce, and it doesn't much matter what her cervix is doing!!

B started putting it the new wood floors in our bedroom while I was at drill and they look great!! K's friend has been helping him and they were both whipped after working on the floor!! They're supposed to finish it up this Wednesday.

Having been gone nearly 2 weeks, I am WAY behind on my cleaning (because you know B didn't do a damned thing while I was gone except for a few pieces of HIS laundry) and the laundry, but I suppose I'll get caught up in the next couple of weeks. I have a lot of other things to do this week - and B told me not to bother getting into the cleaning too heavy right now, until they finish the floors anyway, because they're making a dusty mess with that. I have a few things left to buy before the Doodle-bops arrives, and a little more to do in her room - but we're very nearly there!!

Truth be told, I can't wait for her to get here!! I can't believe that we're so close! I can't believe that all of this started just about 2 years ago!! Amazing... that's all I can say.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Catching up

I did end up going on the tour of the USS Midway after all - Wednesday afternoon; it was very interesting - not sure how G could stand living on board one of those things for 5 years!! But, very cool nonetheless... a veritable floating city to be sure.

I also got to hang out with Cheer a little more, and Sweetheart came along as well; we ended up sitting at Starbucks, just chatting; Cheer dropped me back at my hotel at about 7pm and I went to bed shortly thereafter - I was SO bushed!!

My plane left at 9:45am Tuesday morning; the flights were booked which was unpleasant enough, but then I had 2 obnoxious kids and their apathetic mother sitting in the row in front of me on the flight from Dallas to RDU, which was damn near unbearable. I had to ask the woman to ask her daughter to stop slamming back in the seat as it was shaking my tray to hard I couldn't leave the drink on it!! Pathetic, really, what some parents will let kids get away with in public!

We got in about 8:20 and B picked me up, so we got home by about 9:30. He let me sleep in Wednesday morning and I didn't drag out until nearly 10am!! I only had a few hours to pack and pay bills before heading out for drill weekend... 4 more days and I'll be back home - again!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

More adventures...

I got up early today and high-tailed it to the Convention Center as there was an 8am lecture that I wanted to attend. I've been going to the Critical Care series and have really learned some interesting things that I think will help me back at work!!

The lectures ended at mid day and there wasn't much else that caught my attention so I decided to skip out on the rest of the day there and find something more interesting to do - I debated between touring the USS Midway and going to the zoo - the zoo eventually won!!

For all they tout it as "The World Famous San Diego Zoo" it wasn't all THAT fabulous - but I guess, in the end, it's just another zoo - it just happens to be much larger than the NC Zoo, though I don't think it's any bigger than the zoo in Washington DC.

They did have quite the array of animals, though!! From zebras and tigers, to tree kangaroos and African hyraxes -

and I guess I have to say that they do have the Giant Pandas there... I guess you don't get to see them just anywhere...

Of course, there was a huge line waiting to see the pandas, but it moved pretty quickly and I was able to get in in a reasonable amount of time.

I did get through pretty much the entire zoo in the 3 hrs I was there, but I came back to the hotel with sore feet!! Thank God I wore tennis shoes today!!

I ate dinner downstairs in a restaurant in the hotel lobby, called Elephant and Castle. An English pub type of place - I had sweet potatoe fries and a beef stew that was pretty good. And while the price was inflated San Diego style, it was much more reasonable than last night's foray to the steakhouse!!