Saturday, October 18, 2008

**Update on the Doodle-bops**

I got up at 6:30am to pump, as has become the "norm" for me - I was dying... so very tired!! But, I managed to drag out finally - no sense in going back to sleep so I was working on the birth announcements while waiting for the patients to leave. I got a text from B just after 7am - "don't leave your work until I get there - on my way".

He got here shortly after 8 and we headed to Cary (after a stop at Krispy Kreme to get him donuts and coffee). I called M about 8:15; she hadn't heard from the OB's office, and was going to give them a little more time before she called them. She called me back just before 9am - she had called the office at 8:30 or so, and they told her to come on it, they'd work her in before lunch. Uh... no. That went over about as well as you might expect. M persisted and won, as usual, with a 10am appointment time. That fit perfectly with our expected arrival.

We got to the OB's office about 10min before 10am, so I had time to make a quit pit stop; they called us back relatively quickly and we met the ultrasound tech. She didn't seem to understand the relationship between the 3 of us (M, the Doodle-bops and myself), and I was too freaked out to care about enlightening her. I wanted to get right down to business...

The u/s went well; she pointed out what she was looking at for us, did a bunch of measurements and printed a lot of pics for the doctor to review. She measured the Doodle-bops' head and abdominal circumferences as well as the length of her femur - everything measured between 33w5d and 34w2d, so that was a relief - she's growing just fine. She "weighed" in at 4#13oz and the tech said that right now she falls into the 29th percentile, so she's smaller than whatever is considered "normal", but still well above the 10th percentile that is considered indicative of IUGR. She also measured the amniotic fluid and said that the level was normal - apparently IUGR babies tend to have low fluid levels. The placenta is located on the caudal uterine wall, so there's no previa to worry about, and the cord was visible floating in the fluid. Overall, the u/s was "normal".

The tech told us that Dr. M would be reviewing the results today, and would call if there was any cause for concern. I haven't heard anything from M since we left the office, so I assume that she hasn't heard from the doctor. So, I guess that's it...

I fell asleep in the car on the ride home. The combination of stress over a potential problem and a lack of sleep really took a toll on me. I had to pump when we got home, but then crawled right into bed. I had to force myself to get up at 3pm so I could take a shower - B had to drive me back to Fayetteville because we had left my car at AUC.

I came in early and met First Born and T for dinner; I haven't seen the boy in nearly a month, and have really missed him. Both the kids are out on fall break - T's friend brought her to Raleigh on Wednesday and she stayed with First Born through the end of his classes Thursday; they came to F'ville today to hang out with her parents and are heading back to Raleigh tomorrow to go to the fair; then I suppose First Born will be taking T back to Virginia on Sunday. **sigh** It's so hard to let them grow up! **sniff**

Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight - that little nap today helped but I'm still exhausted! And I have so much to do at home!! B seems to think it's silly how I worry about staying on my cleaning schedule - but then, he does nothing but take out the trash twice a week, so he wouldn't understand. Get behind and it just snowballs... But, I'll have a little extra time to get caught up tomorrow because I don't have to be back in until 8pm. Time to sleep and time to clean - that's just about perfect. :)


JourneyofHope said...

Whew. I am so relieved. I thought about you guys loads yesterday. I am so glad that the u/s didn't show anything abnormal. It won't be long now until you are holding her in your arms. Don't try to be superwoman though - rest when you can.