Thursday, October 9, 2008

Uh... Moo??

So... I've been following this protocol to induce lactation - which is why I've gained 12 freakin' pounds since the first of June; I have to say that I am way less than pleased with that part of the whole process, because now I have exactly ONE pair of jeans that I can squeeze my newly fattened ass into!! But, I have finally been able to stop the BCPs - that's the good news - so hopefully this hormonally-induced weight gain will soon resolve itself. I have begun to gross myself out with all of the puffiness, so I have put myself on a strict diet to aid in the loss. There are MANY reasons that I hate BCPs!! I avoided most of the moodiness this time around (at least I think I did...) but the weight gain hit me full force.

ANYway... I took my last BCP last Saturday and starting using the breast pump on Sunday afternoon/evening. The first day or so produced just drops - not enough to get out of the cones... now, just 4 short days later... I'm getting half an ounce at each session, and since I'm pumping every 3 hours (don't get me started on that as I am becoming more and more sleep deprived and less and less amused by the idea of inducing lactation) that means that I'm getting about 4 oz/day after only 4 days! I am totaly amazed at what my body has been able to do!! To even think that I would be able to breastfeed the Doodle-bops when I didn't carry her and give birth to her - well, I'm just stunned - and amazed - by my boobs! LOL

M called today to tell me that the appointment time for our OB visit next Thursday was changed and I discovered that seeing her name on the caller ID still makes me want to puke; here we are, just 5-1/2 short weeks from delivery, and I am still terrified that each call brings bad news! I guess it's not going to stop until she delivers Annelise into my hands... of course, that brings a whole new set of worries with it, right??

I've been reading/hearing about SIDs lately and now that has me totally freaked out!! B and I were discussing the best position for a baby to sleep in... when First Born was little, you put them on their tummies; that gradually shifted to sleeping on their sides. Now, the infamous "they" say that you should always put the baby to sleep on his/her back to reduce the risk of SIDs, but that increases the risk of a flat-headed baby... so many things to worry about!!

On a positive note, I finally have all of the boys stuff back in their rooms - at least, the stuff they still want is in there - the rest is still in my living room. But, hopefully a major trip to GoodWill will solve that little problem. I have to work a day shift tomorrow, and I'm hoping that I can talk B into taking the stuff for me tomorrow... of course, he has misplaced the keys to the truck, so maybe not...


JourneyofHope said...

Sounds like you are doing great with your pumping! That's so awesome!

JourneyofHope said...

I also wanted to add that I am totally freaked out by SIDS. I am getting an angelcare movement monitor to help with this worry. If you haven't already - check it out.

You are almost there lady.