Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thanks to the Mobile Computer Doctors

it seems I have my photos back! Yay!! For the measley sum of $88 (I'd have paid much, much more than that to recover First Born's graduation pics), I have gotten all of my photos back on my computer - some I didn't even realize that I was missing!! That's the thing about losing 1000+ pictures - how in the hell can you possibly know what's gone?? I am just SO thankful to have located my pics in the pile of mess then had recovered - it has been a royal PITA to sort through all that crap - so much of it was duplicated and a lot of it was junk downloaded off the internet (who knew that your computer pulls down and "saves" every picture on every site you view??), but it was well worth it in the end. **sigh** I feel SO much better now!!

On another front, we have painted the nursery - at least the first coat - the pink sure looks different than the silver! It needs a 2nd coat, but I think it's going to be perfect :) Now I just need to find the stuff to do the closet so that I can sort the baby's clothes and put them up!