Monday, October 20, 2008

So, I'm a little frustrated

with my sister's OBs... she hasn't heard word one since the u/s on Friday, and while I know that the Doodle-bops was measuring normally, I still think we need to address the fact that she failed the NSTs on Thursday! An u/s will not assess the functionality of the placenta! No one ever told us when they want to see us back - we made an appointment for 2 wks, but seems to ME that we should be checked before then just to make sure that everything seems ok; I think they should repeat the NST this week, but what do I know??

I talked to M this morning about it. My concern was only escalated by my friend who told me that they started out just like this with her daughter and each week, the baby was farther and farther behind, until they ended up delivering her at 35 weeks!! Great... just great!! Of course, we are inducing in just 4wks & 2 days, so hopefully that's not enough time to develop any serious growth deficiencies... I just want her checked more often; I think, with a concern that the placenta may have aged faster than the Doodle-bops, and thus may be failing, that more frequent monitoring is definitely called for!!

Anyway, M is going to call the doctor's office tomorrow and see what they say... Oh, we're so very close... so very, very close!!