Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Right now, I HATE Lowe's

This whole thing with getting new carpet has been a cluster-fuck from the very beginning!! After much debate, B and I picked out carpet and brought it to the employee - he was supposed to set us up a file in the computer to get the process started. I paid my $35 fee for the measuring and they told me that I would be called within 2 business days to schedule the appointment; after 5 business days, I called Lowe's to inquire about it, because no one had called. So, Lowe's called their installers who called me back relatively quickly just to tell me that he was going out of town for the weekend but had an appointment open on the following Tuesday evening. Alright, that's a little longer than I expected to wait, but fine... well, Tuesday evening's appointment time came and went and the man didn't show up. A bit later, the man's wife called to tell me that he couldn't make it (uh, duh!) and they wanted to reschedule for the following day, when (of course) I had to work and couldn't be there - but I got B to agree to be at home and the rooms were measured.

Fast forward a couple of days - I get a call from Lowe's... they have my measurements in and I just need to come pick out the carpet so they can get me a quote. WTF?!? I already did that... but, apparently, the employee didn't bother to record our carpet choice, so I had to go back up there and find the sample again to get it registered. So, I did this, and we got the quote, agreed to carpet the 3 secondary bedrooms, and ordered/paid for the carpet and install.

About 10 days later, I got a call from the installers to tell me that the carpet was in and they wanted to schedule the install. They had an available crew, the guy told me, on Tuesday the 30th, and they would arrive between 9 and 11am. I verified both the day and the date and checked to be sure that I would be available to be home. I wasn't working, and had no appointments that couldn't be put off, so we were set.

The boys and I started on Saturday with sorting their rooms, boxing their belongings and removing them from the bedrooms, filling up the living room with all sorts of stuff until you couldn't see the TV or sofa any longer! Middle Child was home Monday and Tuesday with the rash, so he was dumped on to help with the final movements and vacuuming. So, 9am came and went, then 10am, then 11am. At 11:30am, I called Lowe's and asked if they were planning on coming; the guy verified my phone number and said that he would contact the installers. At 12:15, I've still heard nothing, so I call Lowe's again... Oh, I'm on the installers schedule for tomorrow, I'm told; they were supposed to call me about it, so the Lowe's guy didn't bother. I threw a FIT! No way did I agree to tomorrow!! I can't be here! So, he says he'll have the installers call immediately - which they did - and I tore that guy a new a$$ also, but in the end, what do you do?? I need/want my carpet and they can't come until tomorrow... I tell the guy that I expect the installers to show up at 9am, not to be dragging in at 11. He says he'll make a notation. Yeah, right...

So, Wednesday morning comes and I'm up early again... 9am comes and goes. At 10:15, I had to leave to go to meet M's accountant (about the sale of the clinic) and to go to the OB appointment. On my way out of town, I call the installers to verify that they are still coming - first the guy says, "oh, yeah, they're still coming" and when I ask when to expect them, he asks my last name. "How can you tell me they're coming to my house when you don't know who I am??" I give him my name, he gets my file and confirms that the installers took my carpet with them when they left that morning.

I get to Cary at 11am and B texts me - "they're still not here". So, I call the installers and get their answering machine; that pisses me off, so I call Lowe's and ream their installation guy and chew his a$$. He says that he'll call the installers, and I call them again as well, this time someone answers. He tells me that the install team should be in SP by now, but he has been unable to reach them. After a few more tense phone calls, they finally show up at 12:15pm.

Now, I'm glad that we have new carpet and can't wait to see it, but I hate Lowe's!