Friday, October 31, 2008

The conference

I walked down to the cruise terminal/ferry landing today and caught a pedi-cab to the Convention Center. I wanted to get an idea of the route involved and see how far it was. It took about 15 mins to get there and it's pretty much a straight shot down Harbor Drive. But, it was worth the $10 this morning!!

I got checked in a little early and went to a bunch of lectures. I actually learned quite a bit in the critical care lectures today, which is cool; I'll be sticking to them primarily, I think. I mean, there are other things that interest me, but I'm trying to stick to what might be relevant at work right now - and while Iguana dermatology might be interesting, it's not something that I'll use in my present position!!

I did walk back from the Convention Center - took me about 35 minutes, but I wasn't hurrying along either. I pass the USS Midway - an aircraft carrier museum - between the hotel and the Convention Center; I stopped today, wanting to go onboard, but it was only an hour until closing and the gal there told me it would really take 2-3 hrs to do the entire tour, so I think I'll go by tomorrow. Might as well check it out since it's so convenient...

I'd like to go to the zoo also, so I need to check the days/hours on that. There are a lot of interesting lectures, but.... I hate to spend my entire trip tied up in lectures. Not that that's likely! LOL

I started to go to the little cafe right down the street and grab a sandwich for dinner, but somehow ended up at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse - never been to one of those - the food was good, but I didn't know that I could spend over $100 for dinner for one!! But, between the filet/lobster tail ($40, but ALL the entrees were over $30), the asparagus ($9, cause the steak comes with NOTHING, it's all a la carte), 2 glasses of wine ($26, well I AM on vacation...), and dessert ($10, see the aforementioned excuse), plus the tip ($20, she was an excellent waitress) I managed to do just that tonight! Yay, me!!

Cheer should be back from Sacramento tomorrow night, so we're planning to get together again before I leave on Tuesday morning. Geez, it's beautiful here - the weather is so mild... and it's that way year round from what I'm hearing. **sigh**