Thursday, October 2, 2008

Apparently I've become a 'trauma magnet'

Oh, Lord, it has been CRAZY at work! No more lazy weekday nights where I can "do my own thing." LOL Last night it was non-stop until nearly 4am - on a WEDNESDAY!! What's up with that?? I realize that it was the 3hr unexpected surgery that was responsible for most of the delays - dachshund attacked by a pit bull - little bastard is a land shark (we struggled to get a basket muzzle on him and he kept it on the rest of the night!) and had not 1, but 6 sucking chest wounds. The left lung collapsed at least 3 times, but we somehow managed to close him up and pull him through. Of course, the irony in it is that he WALKED into the clinic but now can hardly sit up... some of that is due to the drugs, but a lot of it is that he is in much more pain now, after the surgical repair, than he was from the attack. And then, after everyone left and I was finally able to lay down, the techs kept waking me up every 30 minute for what were stupid questions... it's THEIR job to answer the phone and field calls; they're not supposed to wak me up every time someone calls! But, both of them are relatively new to this, and this was the first time they were left alone without someone more experienced - and I guess that it was ME that had to pay for that!

End result was I got no sleep and had to sleep most of the day after I got home. Tonight is just steady, but no true crises - yet. I'm still hopeful that I can turn in shortly after midnight so tomorrow won't be as big a waste as today was. The new carpet is in, but the house is still a wreck - there's a lot to do to get it back in order and I just found out today, the baby's crib has shipped, so I've got a ticking clock now as well!!