Friday, October 31, 2008

The conference

I walked down to the cruise terminal/ferry landing today and caught a pedi-cab to the Convention Center. I wanted to get an idea of the route involved and see how far it was. It took about 15 mins to get there and it's pretty much a straight shot down Harbor Drive. But, it was worth the $10 this morning!!

I got checked in a little early and went to a bunch of lectures. I actually learned quite a bit in the critical care lectures today, which is cool; I'll be sticking to them primarily, I think. I mean, there are other things that interest me, but I'm trying to stick to what might be relevant at work right now - and while Iguana dermatology might be interesting, it's not something that I'll use in my present position!!

I did walk back from the Convention Center - took me about 35 minutes, but I wasn't hurrying along either. I pass the USS Midway - an aircraft carrier museum - between the hotel and the Convention Center; I stopped today, wanting to go onboard, but it was only an hour until closing and the gal there told me it would really take 2-3 hrs to do the entire tour, so I think I'll go by tomorrow. Might as well check it out since it's so convenient...

I'd like to go to the zoo also, so I need to check the days/hours on that. There are a lot of interesting lectures, but.... I hate to spend my entire trip tied up in lectures. Not that that's likely! LOL

I started to go to the little cafe right down the street and grab a sandwich for dinner, but somehow ended up at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse - never been to one of those - the food was good, but I didn't know that I could spend over $100 for dinner for one!! But, between the filet/lobster tail ($40, but ALL the entrees were over $30), the asparagus ($9, cause the steak comes with NOTHING, it's all a la carte), 2 glasses of wine ($26, well I AM on vacation...), and dessert ($10, see the aforementioned excuse), plus the tip ($20, she was an excellent waitress) I managed to do just that tonight! Yay, me!!

Cheer should be back from Sacramento tomorrow night, so we're planning to get together again before I leave on Tuesday morning. Geez, it's beautiful here - the weather is so mild... and it's that way year round from what I'm hearing. **sigh**

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Made it to San Diego

Of course, I didn't bother to pack Tuesday night; I went to bed about 10:30 or 11 pm and got up to pump at 3am, as usual, and just stayed up - I went up in the attic and got a suitcase, got my clothes out of the dryer and packed in the closet so I'd have some light. I put off my shower until the last minute because I knew I'd wake B.

We left about 5:40 am yesterday to go to the airport and got there just before 7am. My plane left at 7:50, but they let me check my bags at curbside. As usual, I used my military ID as my picture ID, and the guy asked me if I was on orders, which I am, though I didn't have a copy of them with me (B took the printer up to the guys in Durham, so I have no way to print right now). The baggage guy was fine with that and got me a waiver so I didn't have to pay the $15 for the first bag!

There was NO line at Security (note to self... fly American from here on out - they're terminal is MUCH better!!). They did question me briefly about the breast pump, but when I told the guy what it was, he waived me on through!

The flights were long and there was no time to pump between them - I got off the plane in DFW and walked the length of the terminal - actually had to take the skyline tram to get to the next gate - and immediately got back on another plane. As soon as the "Fasten Seat Belt" light went off, I took my pump and headed for the lavatory. I only pumped for 10 mins, just to relieve the discomfort, but there was a line of people waiting for the lav when I came out. Oh, well, sucks to be them!!

The hotel sent a shuttle to get me from the airport; the hotel is adequate, nothing spectacular but the view of the bay is nice.

They're doing a lot of construction on the front, which is annoying, but I guess it's a slow season around here right now, and they're taking advantage of that.

I walked down the sidewalk in front of the bay and decided to call Cheer Smurf. She told me to get on the ferry to Coronado and she would meet me at the dock. We hung out until about 9:30pm, having drinks, walking and talking - she's just like I thought she would be - straight forward and funny as hell!! We had a great time and she drove me back to my hotel where I crashed, since I'd been up for about 22 hrs at that point!!

I slept until nearly 9am this morning, and then Cheer called, wanting to go get breakfast. She picked me up here at the hotel and we went back to Coronado - we ate at a little cafe that served huge omelettes and then walked for a while. The island is SO expensive, but it's absolutely gorgeous - sucks to be her!! LOL

M called while we were hanging out - the OB appt was this afternoon and she is growing again - fundal height was 34cm and all looks great. They scheduled the induction for 6am on Tuesday the 18th, but we're both hoping that the Doodle-bops will choose to arrive on her own either Sunday or Monday. M is about 2cm dilated so far...

Cheer had to go upstate after lunch, and I took a shower here back at the hotel. Sweetheart Smurf came in from inland SD about 5pm and picked me up and we went to this really cool 6-level outdoor mall. We bought candy, I picked up a neat Christmas gift and some baby clothes from Gymboree - not for the Doodle-bops (surprisingly enough) but for Harmony Smurf's little ducky. Sweetheart dropped me back off about 7pm and I went across the street to Anthony's Fish Grotto for dinner.

The conference starts tomorrow at noon so I'll have to find my way to the convention center; I think it's supposed to be about a mile from here... hopefully I won't get lost!! Everyone that knows me knows that I'm directionally challenged!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another update on the Doodle-bops

It was really bothering B that the OBs seemed to be blowing off a possible problem with the Doodle-bops, so I called M on last Friday and asked her to go ahead and call Dr D's office to set up a 2nd opinion/consult. They wanted her to let the OB know what we're doing "just so no one feels that their toes are being stepped on" and then they actually asked M if she wanted to talk to the OB first, before scheduling an appointment, just in case the OB had a problem with us getting a 2nd opinion! Un-be-liev-able!! M told her to make the appointment, and that if the OB had an issue with it, as far as she was concerned, they would no longer be her OB!

So, the appointment was for Friday - but they called yesterday and told M that they'd had a cancellation for 5:30 this evening if she wanted to come on in. She took the appointment, probably more for me than anything else, since I leave for California tomorrow.

Of course I drove up - tried to get the thing on DVD but the machine messed up - BUT the important part is that Dr. D said everything looks fine. Her head circumference measured at 35wks, her abdomen was at 36 wks and her femoral length was 33w5d - girl has some short legs right now!! She measured in the 45th percentile (better than the 29th that the OB had us at) and he estimated her current weight at 5#15 with 21 days left to grow before the induction. Now, historically, she has measured right on target with her head and femur and her abdomen has actually been a bit ahead, which tells me that perhaps she is not growing quite as fast, but Dr. D says that everything looks fine, and I do trust his assessment - after all, high risk pregnancy is what he specializes in!!

So, that's a huge relief!! M has another OB appointment on Thursday, and it will be interesting to see if the fundal height has increased. I am so thankful that the time is drawing to a close - don't know how much more of this stress I can handle!! LOL

Of course, I'm not packed - still have laundry to wash before I can consider packing... I think I'm going to go to bed and when I get up for my 3am pumping session, I'll just stay up and get it done then.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And the frustration continues...

I met M at the OB clinic just after noon today - she was already hooked up to the monitor, but said that she'd only been there for a couple of minutes. The Doodle-bops was doing her usual - moving around a lot, had a killer case of the hiccups there for a while, but still had a heartrate steady in the 130s. The nurse practitioner came in and took a look at the print out - told us that the baby wasn't doing what they wanted.

Of course, I decided to question her about the supposed biophysical profile that was conducted on Friday - oh, yes, she assured me, they DID do a complete biophysical profile. So, I asked what it included - well, for one, they're supposed to watch the baby breathe. We know the tech did NOT do that - though the NP said that she could do that "in a nanosecond". Yeah, right... I'm not buying it. I argued for a while, then gave up. I think the tech took the easy way out and then "fudged" the report - but that's just my opinion.

The NP left for a while and went to check with the OB who saw M at the hospital on Friday night - said that the OB was happy with the ultrasound and said that there was nothing to worry about - that the baby had had 2 decent accelerations on Friday night that she was very happy with and now all is fine. M argued that she couldn't have been all that happy with the results, since she decided that M had to have an ultrasound on Friday - couldn't wait until Monday as she had suggested earlier. Overall, I got the feeling that they are just trying to BS their way out of this and don't want to be bothered further.

So, what are we going to do?? M has another OB appointment next Thursday - if she is not measuring much better (we were at 31-32 cm last week, she needs to be at least 33 or 34 next week, even though we'll be 36 wks), then M is going to call the peri and schedule an appointment with him. I remember my friend saying that her surro's OB wouldn't take the IUGR seriously and she had to switch to a peri to get the care that baby B needed... seems to be a trend. Hopefully that won't be necessary, but we'll do what we have to do. All I really want right now is more frequent monitoring, so that we can stay on top of this and make sure that she doesn't fall any farther behind. The excuse of "girls just measure smaller" doesn't work with us, because M has a daughter and she measured right on target the entire pregnancy. Problem is, they haven't figured out yet that they're not dealing with their average clients here - we're not intimidated by medical degrees, we have medical degrees and just a bit of knowledge between us. But, we'll see what happens next week, I guess... 4 more weeks, 4 more weeks....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Time to cut the bullshit!

I guess that the OBs think M and I are just plain stupid... M called the OB's office on Monday; the nurse told her that the u/s was fine, so the baby is fine - nothing at all to worry about, apparently. So M asked "what about the fact that she failed the NSTs?" Well, whoever answered the phone didn't now, so she went to ask someone else, and the NP got on the phone... fine, I like her well enough - we've seen her in the office a couple of times.

Well, SHE told M that the Doodle-bops scored 8 of 8 on the biophysical profile. BUT, in our uneducated opinion (supported by my Fiesty Smurf's very educated information), they didn't do a biophysical profile on the baby on Friday. All they did was measurements on her and the fluid levels - they didn't assess her movement, didn't look for fine motor movements, didn't watch her breathe, didn't doppler her cord, didn't do ANY of that. The entire thing took less than 10 minutes. Fiesty, who happens to be an OB nurse working in a fertility clinic, says that a biophysical profile takes a minimum of 30 minutes. So, there's no way that the tech did one!

Anyway, when M persisted, as she is apt to do, they agreed to repeat the NST tomorrow when M gets off work. M is supposed to call me when it's over, but I think that I'm going to drive up and meet her, 'cause I can, and because I'm going to freakin' go ballistic if the Doodle-bops fails AGAIN and they blow it off!

We only have 4 weeks left - THANK GOD - because I don't think I can take much more of this! I know it's a royal P.I.T.A., but if she needs weekly monitoring, then by damn she's going to get it! I do NOT want my daughter born at 5-1/2# because the OB doesn't want to be bothered...

Monday, October 20, 2008

So, I'm a little frustrated

with my sister's OBs... she hasn't heard word one since the u/s on Friday, and while I know that the Doodle-bops was measuring normally, I still think we need to address the fact that she failed the NSTs on Thursday! An u/s will not assess the functionality of the placenta! No one ever told us when they want to see us back - we made an appointment for 2 wks, but seems to ME that we should be checked before then just to make sure that everything seems ok; I think they should repeat the NST this week, but what do I know??

I talked to M this morning about it. My concern was only escalated by my friend who told me that they started out just like this with her daughter and each week, the baby was farther and farther behind, until they ended up delivering her at 35 weeks!! Great... just great!! Of course, we are inducing in just 4wks & 2 days, so hopefully that's not enough time to develop any serious growth deficiencies... I just want her checked more often; I think, with a concern that the placenta may have aged faster than the Doodle-bops, and thus may be failing, that more frequent monitoring is definitely called for!!

Anyway, M is going to call the doctor's office tomorrow and see what they say... Oh, we're so very close... so very, very close!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

**Update on the Doodle-bops**

I got up at 6:30am to pump, as has become the "norm" for me - I was dying... so very tired!! But, I managed to drag out finally - no sense in going back to sleep so I was working on the birth announcements while waiting for the patients to leave. I got a text from B just after 7am - "don't leave your work until I get there - on my way".

He got here shortly after 8 and we headed to Cary (after a stop at Krispy Kreme to get him donuts and coffee). I called M about 8:15; she hadn't heard from the OB's office, and was going to give them a little more time before she called them. She called me back just before 9am - she had called the office at 8:30 or so, and they told her to come on it, they'd work her in before lunch. Uh... no. That went over about as well as you might expect. M persisted and won, as usual, with a 10am appointment time. That fit perfectly with our expected arrival.

We got to the OB's office about 10min before 10am, so I had time to make a quit pit stop; they called us back relatively quickly and we met the ultrasound tech. She didn't seem to understand the relationship between the 3 of us (M, the Doodle-bops and myself), and I was too freaked out to care about enlightening her. I wanted to get right down to business...

The u/s went well; she pointed out what she was looking at for us, did a bunch of measurements and printed a lot of pics for the doctor to review. She measured the Doodle-bops' head and abdominal circumferences as well as the length of her femur - everything measured between 33w5d and 34w2d, so that was a relief - she's growing just fine. She "weighed" in at 4#13oz and the tech said that right now she falls into the 29th percentile, so she's smaller than whatever is considered "normal", but still well above the 10th percentile that is considered indicative of IUGR. She also measured the amniotic fluid and said that the level was normal - apparently IUGR babies tend to have low fluid levels. The placenta is located on the caudal uterine wall, so there's no previa to worry about, and the cord was visible floating in the fluid. Overall, the u/s was "normal".

The tech told us that Dr. M would be reviewing the results today, and would call if there was any cause for concern. I haven't heard anything from M since we left the office, so I assume that she hasn't heard from the doctor. So, I guess that's it...

I fell asleep in the car on the ride home. The combination of stress over a potential problem and a lack of sleep really took a toll on me. I had to pump when we got home, but then crawled right into bed. I had to force myself to get up at 3pm so I could take a shower - B had to drive me back to Fayetteville because we had left my car at AUC.

I came in early and met First Born and T for dinner; I haven't seen the boy in nearly a month, and have really missed him. Both the kids are out on fall break - T's friend brought her to Raleigh on Wednesday and she stayed with First Born through the end of his classes Thursday; they came to F'ville today to hang out with her parents and are heading back to Raleigh tomorrow to go to the fair; then I suppose First Born will be taking T back to Virginia on Sunday. **sigh** It's so hard to let them grow up! **sniff**

Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight - that little nap today helped but I'm still exhausted! And I have so much to do at home!! B seems to think it's silly how I worry about staying on my cleaning schedule - but then, he does nothing but take out the trash twice a week, so he wouldn't understand. Get behind and it just snowballs... But, I'll have a little extra time to get caught up tomorrow because I don't have to be back in until 8pm. Time to sleep and time to clean - that's just about perfect. :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Today has totally sucked

It started out alright, despite the fact that I got less than 3 hrs of sleep last night - finally got rid of my last patient at 3am, pumped and went to bed; back up at 6:30 to pump again... I went by Lowe's on th way home - had to pick up more paint for the nursery and early morning is definitely the best time to go there!! I got home about 9:30, so I could pump yet again (beginning to see a pattern here??)

We had an OB appointment this afternoon and I had to work again tonight, so I had to choose between taking a nap and cleaning - soooo.... I cleaned the dining room, swept the floors, finished painting the nursery and replaced all of the plug ins in the house - not the wisest of choices as it is now 1am and I am STILL up and getting stupid-tired. Anyway, that's not why today has sucked...

We went to the OB appointment - saw Dr. A again... he measured M's fundus at 31cm. Uh, that can't be right... she measured at 32cm last visit, 2 wks ago. I know that measuring fundal height has a certain element of subjectivity to it, but it was Dr. A who measured her the last time as well. Anyway, he measures her, says the measurement is 31cm. Frowns. Consults the chart - measures again - confirms, yep, 31-32cm. Now this is a problem. At a time when the baby should be growing quickly, she shouldn't be measuring the same (or smaller) after 2 weeks. He's sure that it's nothing... probably positional on the part of the Doodle-bops; maybe she's really curled into a ball today. But, he needs to be thorough, needs to reassure all of us that everything is fine. He orders a non-stress test right then and there, tells us he wants an ultrasound tomorrow morning to insure that she's measuring appropriately. All I know is - I want to vomit.

They hook M up to the monitors and we sit and chat. I begin by listening obsessively to the heartbeats, my own heart jumping up into my throat each time the sound is muffled by her movements. As time goes by, I start to relax a little, she *sounds* fine - surely the measurement was a fluke. But, when Dr. A comes in to check the tracing, he doesn't like what he sees.... says that she isn't having sustained accelerations with her movements like she should. He's concerned about the placenta, about whether my daughter is getting adequate oxygen and nutrients. He wants M to drink some juice, see if this makes the baby more responsive. But, M has appointments waiting and has to go back to work - so Dr. A says he'll want her to go to the hospital tonight after work, check in with Dr. S and see what she says - he says that he'll brief her about it beforehand. Of course, M agrees.

She finishes up work and finally talks to Dr. S just after 7pm, calling me once she's off the phone with the doc. Dr. S wants to repeat the NST tonight, see if some sugar in M's bloodstream will normalize the Doodle-bops heartrate - promises to call me when they're done with the testing. I had to go ahead and come into work, so I wait and I wait and I wait for M to call me. Finally at 9:30p, I am totally freaked out and call her cell phone. She's all done, just waiting for her discharge papers so she can leave. Apparently tonight's NST was no better than the one this afternoon - they're still concerned and we're going to have an ultrasound tomorrow morning to have a look around and measure her - see if she is sized appropriately for her gestational age.

Now, I do believe that the Doodle-bops is not in any imminent danger. I did some research on IUGR when I got into work tonight because I know so little about it, and it seems to be primarily a cause for close monitoring, though it can certainly become a reason for early induction. I am praying that neither is necessary, that my daughter was just exceptionally lazy today and that tomorrow she will be measuring at 34wks so we can put the fears to rest.

I can't spend much time thinking about this right now and I can NOT talk about it because each time I do, I start to cry, and I still have to work - still have clients/patients in the clinic now, at 1:30am. So tomorrow morning I will leave out of here and head back to Cary where I will hang out with M until the ultrasound; she didn't get a definite time tonight - the doctor said that she'd get a call in the morning, and since the notice might be short, I see no logic in going back to P'hurst and possibly missing the ultrasound. I just hope I'll have time to go home, take a shower and change before coming back to work tomorrow night. And a nap would be nice...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thanks to the Mobile Computer Doctors

it seems I have my photos back! Yay!! For the measley sum of $88 (I'd have paid much, much more than that to recover First Born's graduation pics), I have gotten all of my photos back on my computer - some I didn't even realize that I was missing!! That's the thing about losing 1000+ pictures - how in the hell can you possibly know what's gone?? I am just SO thankful to have located my pics in the pile of mess then had recovered - it has been a royal PITA to sort through all that crap - so much of it was duplicated and a lot of it was junk downloaded off the internet (who knew that your computer pulls down and "saves" every picture on every site you view??), but it was well worth it in the end. **sigh** I feel SO much better now!!

On another front, we have painted the nursery - at least the first coat - the pink sure looks different than the silver! It needs a 2nd coat, but I think it's going to be perfect :) Now I just need to find the stuff to do the closet so that I can sort the baby's clothes and put them up!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Uh... Moo??

So... I've been following this protocol to induce lactation - which is why I've gained 12 freakin' pounds since the first of June; I have to say that I am way less than pleased with that part of the whole process, because now I have exactly ONE pair of jeans that I can squeeze my newly fattened ass into!! But, I have finally been able to stop the BCPs - that's the good news - so hopefully this hormonally-induced weight gain will soon resolve itself. I have begun to gross myself out with all of the puffiness, so I have put myself on a strict diet to aid in the loss. There are MANY reasons that I hate BCPs!! I avoided most of the moodiness this time around (at least I think I did...) but the weight gain hit me full force.

ANYway... I took my last BCP last Saturday and starting using the breast pump on Sunday afternoon/evening. The first day or so produced just drops - not enough to get out of the cones... now, just 4 short days later... I'm getting half an ounce at each session, and since I'm pumping every 3 hours (don't get me started on that as I am becoming more and more sleep deprived and less and less amused by the idea of inducing lactation) that means that I'm getting about 4 oz/day after only 4 days! I am totaly amazed at what my body has been able to do!! To even think that I would be able to breastfeed the Doodle-bops when I didn't carry her and give birth to her - well, I'm just stunned - and amazed - by my boobs! LOL

M called today to tell me that the appointment time for our OB visit next Thursday was changed and I discovered that seeing her name on the caller ID still makes me want to puke; here we are, just 5-1/2 short weeks from delivery, and I am still terrified that each call brings bad news! I guess it's not going to stop until she delivers Annelise into my hands... of course, that brings a whole new set of worries with it, right??

I've been reading/hearing about SIDs lately and now that has me totally freaked out!! B and I were discussing the best position for a baby to sleep in... when First Born was little, you put them on their tummies; that gradually shifted to sleeping on their sides. Now, the infamous "they" say that you should always put the baby to sleep on his/her back to reduce the risk of SIDs, but that increases the risk of a flat-headed baby... so many things to worry about!!

On a positive note, I finally have all of the boys stuff back in their rooms - at least, the stuff they still want is in there - the rest is still in my living room. But, hopefully a major trip to GoodWill will solve that little problem. I have to work a day shift tomorrow, and I'm hoping that I can talk B into taking the stuff for me tomorrow... of course, he has misplaced the keys to the truck, so maybe not...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Apparently I've become a 'trauma magnet'

Oh, Lord, it has been CRAZY at work! No more lazy weekday nights where I can "do my own thing." LOL Last night it was non-stop until nearly 4am - on a WEDNESDAY!! What's up with that?? I realize that it was the 3hr unexpected surgery that was responsible for most of the delays - dachshund attacked by a pit bull - little bastard is a land shark (we struggled to get a basket muzzle on him and he kept it on the rest of the night!) and had not 1, but 6 sucking chest wounds. The left lung collapsed at least 3 times, but we somehow managed to close him up and pull him through. Of course, the irony in it is that he WALKED into the clinic but now can hardly sit up... some of that is due to the drugs, but a lot of it is that he is in much more pain now, after the surgical repair, than he was from the attack. And then, after everyone left and I was finally able to lay down, the techs kept waking me up every 30 minute for what were stupid questions... it's THEIR job to answer the phone and field calls; they're not supposed to wak me up every time someone calls! But, both of them are relatively new to this, and this was the first time they were left alone without someone more experienced - and I guess that it was ME that had to pay for that!

End result was I got no sleep and had to sleep most of the day after I got home. Tonight is just steady, but no true crises - yet. I'm still hopeful that I can turn in shortly after midnight so tomorrow won't be as big a waste as today was. The new carpet is in, but the house is still a wreck - there's a lot to do to get it back in order and I just found out today, the baby's crib has shipped, so I've got a ticking clock now as well!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Right now, I HATE Lowe's

This whole thing with getting new carpet has been a cluster-fuck from the very beginning!! After much debate, B and I picked out carpet and brought it to the employee - he was supposed to set us up a file in the computer to get the process started. I paid my $35 fee for the measuring and they told me that I would be called within 2 business days to schedule the appointment; after 5 business days, I called Lowe's to inquire about it, because no one had called. So, Lowe's called their installers who called me back relatively quickly just to tell me that he was going out of town for the weekend but had an appointment open on the following Tuesday evening. Alright, that's a little longer than I expected to wait, but fine... well, Tuesday evening's appointment time came and went and the man didn't show up. A bit later, the man's wife called to tell me that he couldn't make it (uh, duh!) and they wanted to reschedule for the following day, when (of course) I had to work and couldn't be there - but I got B to agree to be at home and the rooms were measured.

Fast forward a couple of days - I get a call from Lowe's... they have my measurements in and I just need to come pick out the carpet so they can get me a quote. WTF?!? I already did that... but, apparently, the employee didn't bother to record our carpet choice, so I had to go back up there and find the sample again to get it registered. So, I did this, and we got the quote, agreed to carpet the 3 secondary bedrooms, and ordered/paid for the carpet and install.

About 10 days later, I got a call from the installers to tell me that the carpet was in and they wanted to schedule the install. They had an available crew, the guy told me, on Tuesday the 30th, and they would arrive between 9 and 11am. I verified both the day and the date and checked to be sure that I would be available to be home. I wasn't working, and had no appointments that couldn't be put off, so we were set.

The boys and I started on Saturday with sorting their rooms, boxing their belongings and removing them from the bedrooms, filling up the living room with all sorts of stuff until you couldn't see the TV or sofa any longer! Middle Child was home Monday and Tuesday with the rash, so he was dumped on to help with the final movements and vacuuming. So, 9am came and went, then 10am, then 11am. At 11:30am, I called Lowe's and asked if they were planning on coming; the guy verified my phone number and said that he would contact the installers. At 12:15, I've still heard nothing, so I call Lowe's again... Oh, I'm on the installers schedule for tomorrow, I'm told; they were supposed to call me about it, so the Lowe's guy didn't bother. I threw a FIT! No way did I agree to tomorrow!! I can't be here! So, he says he'll have the installers call immediately - which they did - and I tore that guy a new a$$ also, but in the end, what do you do?? I need/want my carpet and they can't come until tomorrow... I tell the guy that I expect the installers to show up at 9am, not to be dragging in at 11. He says he'll make a notation. Yeah, right...

So, Wednesday morning comes and I'm up early again... 9am comes and goes. At 10:15, I had to leave to go to meet M's accountant (about the sale of the clinic) and to go to the OB appointment. On my way out of town, I call the installers to verify that they are still coming - first the guy says, "oh, yeah, they're still coming" and when I ask when to expect them, he asks my last name. "How can you tell me they're coming to my house when you don't know who I am??" I give him my name, he gets my file and confirms that the installers took my carpet with them when they left that morning.

I get to Cary at 11am and B texts me - "they're still not here". So, I call the installers and get their answering machine; that pisses me off, so I call Lowe's and ream their installation guy and chew his a$$. He says that he'll call the installers, and I call them again as well, this time someone answers. He tells me that the install team should be in SP by now, but he has been unable to reach them. After a few more tense phone calls, they finally show up at 12:15pm.

Now, I'm glad that we have new carpet and can't wait to see it, but I hate Lowe's!