Monday, September 8, 2008

Is there a full moon tonight??

I felt like I'd walked straight into hell when I came into work tonight - there were people EVERYWHERE, dogs all around - Dr. S was freaking out when I got here and yelled at me "we've got 2 c-sections and a bloat... which one do YOU want?" I volunteered to cut the c-section and his response was "fine... you can have 'em both!" So, he went into surgery with the bloat - a 6yr old great dane - and I started trying to catch up with the rooms. Turns out that the first potential c-section (an English bull) wasn't really in active labor, and (most importantly) the owner didn't want to spend the $1500 it would take for me to cut her, so she opted to monitor her overnight and take her to their regular vet first thing in the morning. The 2nd potential c-section let me do 3 shots of oxytocin on her chihuahua, hoping that she'd be able to have the remaining 3 pups with a little chemical assistance... alas, this was not to be - after the 2nd injection, momma quit contracting, quit pushing, curled up and went to sleep!! Not gonna birth those pups THAT way! Her owner couldn't afford a c-section and will have to take the dog to her regular vet tomorrow morning also - momma will be fine; the pups might not fare so well.

Let's see... what else did we have here tonight?? An aggressive, "junk yard dog" with liver issues - oh, yeah, he's also limping - but the owner was super nice and signed off on everything I recommended (what a nice change!); plenty of vomiting, with and without accompanying (sometimes bloody) diarrhea - amazingly enough, none of it was parvo... one stress colitis, one coccidiosis, one pancreatitis. A big dog-little dog with a nasty laceration on it's ventral neck and a probable jaw fracture - the owner wanted only a pain shot. I made HER sign an AMA because the dog was gurgling and starting to have trouble breathing - terrible decision to just leave... that poor dog!! But I can't force people to let me treat their animals... yeah, this is why K could never do what I do - she'd have killed half my waiting room tonight!!

There was a dog who chewed a stick and had been gagging since - didn't find anything wrong with the dog, but his owner was hot (though not as hot as the guy who was in here last night with the redbone hound - good God almighty he was some eye candy!!) ;) I also had another Sergeant's toxicity come in - that crap really should be taken off the market!! Of course, if the owner's used some common sense... this was a 5# chihuahua and the product they used is labeled for 21-40#. That's almost the same thing, right?? We've seen a rash of Sergeant's issues this week - I've got two in-house right now, had one last night and one earlier in the week. Maybe Walmart had a sale??

I did have a "killing streak" tonight - we had a puppy that had been hit by a car and it's back was broken - oh, the rads were horrible... T11 was just crushed and his entire back was "tented". So, they opted to euthanize. Right as I finished that up, our other HBC (a little chihuahua with severe head trauma) started seizing and vocalizing, and his owner's opted to euthanize. As I finished up with him, the electric shock dog from Friday started seizing and her owner opted to euthanize! In less than 5 minutes, I permanently dispatched 3 dogs!! Now, in each and every case, the decision was the best for the pet, but still... a bit of a depressing run there!

In other areas - Mom had sent me an email on Friday to let me know that Dad had pneumonia but was doing well at home on meds. Today I got an "update" to let me know that he was having trouble breathing yesterday so they ended up in the ER last night. They did rads and then the pulmonologist ordered a CT scan to look for evidence of masses - luckily they found none!! He has some areas of scarring/emphysema - after 50 years of smoking, you don't say?? A couple of areas of pneumonia and some pulmonary effusion. Thankfully M was able to go to the hospital this morning with Mom and got to talk to the pulmonologist. They still had Dad down in Emergency Holding but the pulmonologist said that he was definitely staying overnight, so they were going to officially admit him and move him to a real room this afternoon. I think I'm going to go to Cary when I get out of work tomorrow morning and see how he's doing. My Dad has a really bad habit of underplaying his illnesses until they become critical, which is most aggravating because he is a very intelligent man!! I guess I do it also to some extent - but having a medical degree, I tend to self-medicate and know when it's beyond my capabilities!!

At any rate... when something does happen, M and I are notified in a most casual manner (IF we're notified at all) - as in "When you order the chenille, you'd better get 1-1/2 yards; I finished staining the rocking chair also. By the way, your father is in the hospital with pneumonia. Did you ever order the chandelier that you liked?" Okay, so maybe that's a slight exaggeration...