Monday, September 22, 2008

Holy crap! Where did all these clothes come from?!?

After our foray to the flea market Saturday, where B had the Doodle-bops pink Eagles onesie custom embroidered, I decided to go through her clothes and pull out stuff that I can have embroidered for her. So, I spent something like 2 FREAKIN' HOURS going through all of the clothing that I've accumulated these last few months... OMG!! I had NO idea that I'd bought so much!! I pulled out a few things that I saw stains on today - ick!! - and then some more boy stuff that was in the bottom of the containers, and all of the stuff that I'm not just crazy, mad in love with - and I still have 3 large Rubbermaid containers FULL and a chair full of stuff that I now need to try to sell or give away!! And, wouldn't you know it, I just bought 3 more outfits today! LOL As one of the girls said to me at work Friday night, when she caught me looking at baby clothes listed on SMO - "Doc, you need a 12 step program!"

But, I did get the baby's stuff more compacted so that it will be eaiser to move into the living room when the new carpet comes in (hopefully this week). I also found a dozen or so pieces that I'm going to take to have embroidered, most likely just with her first initial, though I have a couple that I'll either do "Doodle-bops" or her name on.

M and D drove down last night, after I left for work (and B is out of town this week) to pick up the bunks for D's boys. She called me just before I ran through the shower to let me know they were going to come down - so I disassembled the bunk bed and dragged everything out into the living room to make it a little easier for them. When the boys and I got home from school today, I didn't bother to give Little Man a head's up - just let him meander into his room and of course he yells out "where's my bed?!" And I played it up... "huh?? What do you mean? Silly.... etc" So he starts freaking out and I finally go down the hall to his room and when I walk in I hollered "Holy crap! Where's your bed?" Then I started laughing; but it was fun while it lasted!! He thought, just for a minute, that someone had broken in and stolen his beds!!

I'm off for another 8 days - until the 1st - and I have SO much to do!! I need to disassemble and dispose of both of the big computer desks and then the boys and I need to go through their rooms and sort the stuff... especially Little Man, as he has lost his hiding place under the bed! The room looks a bit like a hurricane tore through it right now...


JourneyofHope said...

Oh sounds like doodlebops is going to be one well dressed little baby! You are so lucky to know the sex. I am going nutz waiting to find out. Hopefully at 25 weeks baby will cooperate!