Sunday, September 28, 2008

The mystery rash and a HUGE computer blunder...

So, Middle Child has developed this rather funky rash...

it started around last Sunday or Monday, with a quarter-sized spot on his left wrist. He thought that it was a bug bite or something... then I noticed the marks on the left side of his neck - he told me they were scratches - which I believed until they developed papules/blisters. On Tuesday he was complaining about an itchy spot right above his pubic bone - he had scratched it raw and couldn't seem to leave it alone - so we put some Neosporin on it and covered it with gauze for 2 days. The bumps and itching just kept spreading until it has moved across the left side of his torso, and a little onto the right (really nothing much in the middle...), in his groin and on his upper legs (especially the left), down his left arm and up onto the left side of his face. They are strange little papules, possible with tiny blisters - hard to determine - that seem to be in linear-like clusters. I've talked to M, I've talked to Middle Child, I've looked online and I have no idea what is going on!! Maybe chicken pox, maybe poison ivy, maybe something else... but he has NO other signs - no fever, no inappetance, no malaise, no sore throat, etc. Just the itch and the rash.

It was extremely important to him to be allowed to go to the Drill Meet on Saturday as he made the freshman color guard (that's my baby... right rifle)

and this was going to be 1 of only 2 performances all school year - and really, up to that point, I thought that he'd just gotten into something playing in the woods around M's house on Sunday. A few doses of Benedryl and a couple of Aveeno baths had actually made him look and feel a bit better... So, we went on to Florence, SC early on Saturday morning and spent the better part of the day out in the sun at the meet.

They put on a pretty good performance, though their captain gave an incorrect call or 2 and ran them out of bounds - but they still took 3rd place, so they were all thrilled!! BUT, when we came home, and Middle Child took off his shirt... the rash had intensified and was twice as widespread and irritated as it had been that morning.

So, it's off to the doctor's tomorrow morning to find out what we're dealing with. So far, it is unresponsive to Benedryl (oral or topical), Triamcinolone cream, Aveeno baths and Neosporin - it just keeps spreading and getting worse despite what I've tried. Of course, there may be nothing to do about it - we may just have to let it run its course, but I'd like to know if it's contagious or not...

As for the other topic - the huge computer blunder... well, I was looking for something in my Pictures file - and found something that I wanted to delete - and SOMEHOW I deleted ALL of my pictures! I realized my blunder mid-delete and cancelled it, but still lost something like 2000 photos, many of which I didn't have backed up yet because I had run out of CDs. I went to the recycle bin and chose to "restore all files" but that didn't "fix" it; I don't know if there's a way to restore the system to the way it was a few days ago, but I'm going to call the computer guy who fixed First Born's laptop tomorrow morning and find out if he can do anything to recover what I've lost. I've been in a shitty mood all afternoon because of it - most of the pics were of the boys, our vacations, etc. I'm just praying that they can recover them...

Oh, yeah... M and I are moving ahead with the sale of her clinic; she forwarded the financial details to me because we have to negotiate a selling price before we meet with the accountant on Wednesday. Whew! There's a lot to this business stuff!! LOL

Monday, September 22, 2008

Holy crap! Where did all these clothes come from?!?

After our foray to the flea market Saturday, where B had the Doodle-bops pink Eagles onesie custom embroidered, I decided to go through her clothes and pull out stuff that I can have embroidered for her. So, I spent something like 2 FREAKIN' HOURS going through all of the clothing that I've accumulated these last few months... OMG!! I had NO idea that I'd bought so much!! I pulled out a few things that I saw stains on today - ick!! - and then some more boy stuff that was in the bottom of the containers, and all of the stuff that I'm not just crazy, mad in love with - and I still have 3 large Rubbermaid containers FULL and a chair full of stuff that I now need to try to sell or give away!! And, wouldn't you know it, I just bought 3 more outfits today! LOL As one of the girls said to me at work Friday night, when she caught me looking at baby clothes listed on SMO - "Doc, you need a 12 step program!"

But, I did get the baby's stuff more compacted so that it will be eaiser to move into the living room when the new carpet comes in (hopefully this week). I also found a dozen or so pieces that I'm going to take to have embroidered, most likely just with her first initial, though I have a couple that I'll either do "Doodle-bops" or her name on.

M and D drove down last night, after I left for work (and B is out of town this week) to pick up the bunks for D's boys. She called me just before I ran through the shower to let me know they were going to come down - so I disassembled the bunk bed and dragged everything out into the living room to make it a little easier for them. When the boys and I got home from school today, I didn't bother to give Little Man a head's up - just let him meander into his room and of course he yells out "where's my bed?!" And I played it up... "huh?? What do you mean? Silly.... etc" So he starts freaking out and I finally go down the hall to his room and when I walk in I hollered "Holy crap! Where's your bed?" Then I started laughing; but it was fun while it lasted!! He thought, just for a minute, that someone had broken in and stolen his beds!!

I'm off for another 8 days - until the 1st - and I have SO much to do!! I need to disassemble and dispose of both of the big computer desks and then the boys and I need to go through their rooms and sort the stuff... especially Little Man, as he has lost his hiding place under the bed! The room looks a bit like a hurricane tore through it right now...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Doodle-bops 3D!

Yep, today was the big day... our 3D/4D ultrasound - the last time we'll "see" the Doodle-bops before her official arrival!! Everyone (except B - don't get me started on that!) came - I picked up Middle Child and Little Man from school, First Born drove down from State, Mom and M picked up Gama - we had a room full!!

So, all along, B has been telling me that the Doodle-bops is going to have my nose. Yeah, whatever, I blew him off... well, they started off the u/s in 2D and then "framed" her face and switched to 3D - the first words out of my mother's mouth... "oh, she has YOUR nose!" I just about fell out of my seat! Thank God B wasn't in the room for that! (though I admit, I did go home and tell him what she said and I got that "and you doubted me?" look that he's famous for).

Little Man hoped and prayed for the discovery of a penis, but it was not to be - the Doodle-bops is, and shall remain, a little girl, much to his dismay! We got a fairly good shot (the clearest I've seen so far) of her little hoohah! (I won't post that picture as B doesn't want his daughter's private parts broadcast over the internet! LOL)

She kept her face smooshed up against the wall of M's uterus, so she was often distorted (reminded me of kids who smash their lips and noses up against the inside of a window to make faces at someone outside!), and she wanted to keep her arm/fist over her face, like she was trying to ward us off!!! She was very active with her tongue as well... stretching it out and then swallowing, time and again. It really looked like she was trying to suck her thumb as she would throw her arm up over her face and then arch her neck, open her mouth and extend her tongue as if trying to capture her thumb. Let's just say she's not terribly coordinated at this point!!

It's a little sad for me to think that this was the last time I'll get to "see" her before I get to SEE her, you know?? But, it was pretty neat to get a 3D view of her today... well worth what I paid :)

Totally different topic, but we finally ordered the carpet yesterday; in the end, we decided to go with wood in our bedroom, so just the boys' rooms will be carpeted. The carpet we chose only comes in a 12' width and because of the size of our bedroom (15'x16'), they had to order an extra 12'x16' piece to finish it, meaning we'd have oodles left over. It was going to cost $3k to do all 4 rooms and was just under $2k to do the 3; we calculated that it will cost between $800-1000 to do our bedroom in wood, so it really was a wash anyway, and B much prefers the wood, so... Hey, I figure he's got to install it... so it's no skin off my nose, so to speak. I left the decision completely up to him, but once we figured out the cost differential, it was already decided.

They told me that it will take anywhere from 5-14 days for them to get the carpet in, then they'll call me to schedule the installation. I'm going to go ahead and remove the items that are leaving - like the 2 computer desks and Little Man's bunk beds - just less to move/store when they bring the carpet in. Once we get the carpet down, I can move the boys and then I'll have a nursery to work on!! Woo hoo!!

I had B take a whole car load of stuff away today, and he's going to be cleaning out the storage units over the next few weeks as well. We went over there on Tuesday and looked through everything; I pointed out what was "trash" (nearly 1/2 of the larger unit) and he's going to haul it all away, then see if we can scale down to just 1 unit. I'm tired of paying nearly $150/month for storage when so much of it is just crap. Hopefully we'll be down to the 1 unit by the time the Doodle-bops gets here!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Is there a full moon tonight??

I felt like I'd walked straight into hell when I came into work tonight - there were people EVERYWHERE, dogs all around - Dr. S was freaking out when I got here and yelled at me "we've got 2 c-sections and a bloat... which one do YOU want?" I volunteered to cut the c-section and his response was "fine... you can have 'em both!" So, he went into surgery with the bloat - a 6yr old great dane - and I started trying to catch up with the rooms. Turns out that the first potential c-section (an English bull) wasn't really in active labor, and (most importantly) the owner didn't want to spend the $1500 it would take for me to cut her, so she opted to monitor her overnight and take her to their regular vet first thing in the morning. The 2nd potential c-section let me do 3 shots of oxytocin on her chihuahua, hoping that she'd be able to have the remaining 3 pups with a little chemical assistance... alas, this was not to be - after the 2nd injection, momma quit contracting, quit pushing, curled up and went to sleep!! Not gonna birth those pups THAT way! Her owner couldn't afford a c-section and will have to take the dog to her regular vet tomorrow morning also - momma will be fine; the pups might not fare so well.

Let's see... what else did we have here tonight?? An aggressive, "junk yard dog" with liver issues - oh, yeah, he's also limping - but the owner was super nice and signed off on everything I recommended (what a nice change!); plenty of vomiting, with and without accompanying (sometimes bloody) diarrhea - amazingly enough, none of it was parvo... one stress colitis, one coccidiosis, one pancreatitis. A big dog-little dog with a nasty laceration on it's ventral neck and a probable jaw fracture - the owner wanted only a pain shot. I made HER sign an AMA because the dog was gurgling and starting to have trouble breathing - terrible decision to just leave... that poor dog!! But I can't force people to let me treat their animals... yeah, this is why K could never do what I do - she'd have killed half my waiting room tonight!!

There was a dog who chewed a stick and had been gagging since - didn't find anything wrong with the dog, but his owner was hot (though not as hot as the guy who was in here last night with the redbone hound - good God almighty he was some eye candy!!) ;) I also had another Sergeant's toxicity come in - that crap really should be taken off the market!! Of course, if the owner's used some common sense... this was a 5# chihuahua and the product they used is labeled for 21-40#. That's almost the same thing, right?? We've seen a rash of Sergeant's issues this week - I've got two in-house right now, had one last night and one earlier in the week. Maybe Walmart had a sale??

I did have a "killing streak" tonight - we had a puppy that had been hit by a car and it's back was broken - oh, the rads were horrible... T11 was just crushed and his entire back was "tented". So, they opted to euthanize. Right as I finished that up, our other HBC (a little chihuahua with severe head trauma) started seizing and vocalizing, and his owner's opted to euthanize. As I finished up with him, the electric shock dog from Friday started seizing and her owner opted to euthanize! In less than 5 minutes, I permanently dispatched 3 dogs!! Now, in each and every case, the decision was the best for the pet, but still... a bit of a depressing run there!

In other areas - Mom had sent me an email on Friday to let me know that Dad had pneumonia but was doing well at home on meds. Today I got an "update" to let me know that he was having trouble breathing yesterday so they ended up in the ER last night. They did rads and then the pulmonologist ordered a CT scan to look for evidence of masses - luckily they found none!! He has some areas of scarring/emphysema - after 50 years of smoking, you don't say?? A couple of areas of pneumonia and some pulmonary effusion. Thankfully M was able to go to the hospital this morning with Mom and got to talk to the pulmonologist. They still had Dad down in Emergency Holding but the pulmonologist said that he was definitely staying overnight, so they were going to officially admit him and move him to a real room this afternoon. I think I'm going to go to Cary when I get out of work tomorrow morning and see how he's doing. My Dad has a really bad habit of underplaying his illnesses until they become critical, which is most aggravating because he is a very intelligent man!! I guess I do it also to some extent - but having a medical degree, I tend to self-medicate and know when it's beyond my capabilities!!

At any rate... when something does happen, M and I are notified in a most casual manner (IF we're notified at all) - as in "When you order the chenille, you'd better get 1-1/2 yards; I finished staining the rocking chair also. By the way, your father is in the hospital with pneumonia. Did you ever order the chandelier that you liked?" Okay, so maybe that's a slight exaggeration...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Doodle-bops update!!

We had our last diagnostic ultrasound today and everything looked just fabulous!! Dr. D said that she "still looks like a girl" and I promptly informed him that if he's been wrong all this time, he needs to consider a career change! While we were looking at her hoohah, she actually peed and I could see it! It was the weirdest thing, but there is it on the DVD - so I got to see it again when B and I watched it tonight when I got home, so of course I pointed it out to him. He said, "they PEE in there?" Uh, yeah, of course they do - when their little kidneys start working, and they're swallowing amniotic fluid - they pee. "Oh, gross." What-eva! I thought it was cool as heck to SEE on the u/s!! If I could figure out how to dissect it out, I'd post that part -but B says I can't - I don't have his permission to post his daughter's girly parts on the internet!!

During the u/s, M and I were discussing various things, including baby size at birth - and Dr. D piped in telling us that she will be average sized "at best" and maybe even a little smaller - he estimates 7-8#!! Woo hoo!! Sounds GREAT to me! B has been insisting that the Doodle-bops "told" him that she was going to be between 7 and 8#! LOL Anyway, Dr D put her measurements into his fancy-schmancy computer and came up with 2# 8oz for her current weight estimation :) which is just average size for 28 weeks.

Anyway, he gave me a few more profile shots, which were just like the others, and then this one...waving to her daddy, who wasn't at the u/s!!

So, M says that she's ready for this to be over... she says that the Doodle-bops has a kick-boxing lesson at 3am every day and she's more than ready to hand her off to us so she can wake US up at night!! I'm ready for that, too!! Bring it on!