Sunday, September 23, 2007

We've got a schedule!!

We got our schedule from NCCRM. I spoke with our coordinator and she said they were having difficulty putting a schedule together because of all of our restrictions.... my being unavailable the first weekend of October, R being unable to transfer on Thursday thru Saturday, their reluctance to keep me on BCPs for too long for fear of suppressing my ovaries too much... end result is that I told her to work around R's schedule and not worry about mine. I'll find a way to work it out - I have to change my entire work schedule anyway since we couldn't get the retrieval worked out for the days that I'm already off work - they couldn't get R ready in time (post D&E).

So, as it stands now, I have my initial u/s on Monday, October 1. If all looks good, then I'll start meds Monday night. Tentative retrieval dates are October 12-14 with transfer scheduled October 15-17. That's just a few weeks away!

I'm going to continue weekly acupuncture until the retrieval. S told me that she's done a lot of treatment protocols designed to increase egg yield at retrieval, but has never worked with anyone in my situation - history of a retrieval and using acupuncture leading up to a second transfer - so she has no personal knowledge of the difference it can make. She's anxious to see how this cycle goes, compared to my last, since the addition of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and moxabustion. Us, too!!

On SMO, CA (my IM buddy who HAS to be my age or damned near, since she has an 18 yr old child) just got 30 eggs (!!) at her retrieval! I'd LOVE to have that many, but would be thrilled to get 1/2 of that! I just want enough to split between ICSI and natural fertilization - R wants to transfer 2 fertilized with ICSI and 1 or 2 fertilized naturally to give us the absolute best chance of a viable pregnancy.

I'm excited about this upcoming cycle and also a bit scared after what happened last time. I know that we can't dwell on that, that all things happen for a reason, and I'm sure that this cycle will be successful given that the baby will be due in June :)