Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We're half-way there!!

Amazing... I can't believe that we are HALF WAY THERE!! It seems unreal - I remember, so very clearly, sitting on that concrete wall outside the "Medico" in El Salvador, on that crazy cell phone, talking to my sister and asking her a million questions about the transfer... I remember lying on my back with my legs dangling over the edge of the wall and staring up at the stars, swatting away mosquitoes that I hoped weren't carrying malaria!! I didn't think we'd ever get here, but now it seems that it all happened in just the blink of an eye!

Our 2nd ultrasound was today - done by Dr. D, the peri who did the nuchal scan. B opted to stay home today - he said he'd just "watch the movie." The very idea that he might see any portion of my sister's body just makes him so uncomfortable he can barely sit still. I don't think he'll be able to stay in the room for the delivery! If he gives it a shot, he'll end up sneaking out before the good part - part of it is his age, I'm sure. He says it's because he has to see my sister again, and if he accidentally caught a shot of her hoo-ha... well, that's the image that would pop into his mind every time he looked at her, and he's not willing to risk that! LOL That's ok... I'll catch our baby girl and he can meet her after we get her cleaned up!

Anyway, back to the u/s - The Doodle-bops was very active today and looked just great per Dr. D. We got some lovely shots of her face - though it looked a little freaky as she moved in and out of the plane of the u/s - at times it looked like her eyeballs were popping out of her skull!! Everything is developing perfectly, though - her femur, humerus, head circumference all measure 19w and 2-6d (we're 19w6d today) - her abdominal circumference came in at a whopping 20w2d!! So she's a chubby little girl already! LOL Oh, and the bleed is entirely gone!! Woo hoo!! What GREAT news!

And her profile, mouth open -

M is hoping that she will be closer to the size of HER children at birth than to MINE, since mine were at least a pound larger and that's a big percentage when you're only talking about 7-8#.

Baby Girl's crib bedding arrived this morning and I took the throw pillow to mom (she came for the u/s) so that she would have a sample of each of the 3 fabrics in it. We're going to put the rocker that my grandmother got when I was born into the Doodle-bops' room; mom is going to make coordinated pads for the seat and back for me, and now she has some fabric to go off of. The bedding is nice - not as luxurious or "rich" as it looked online (imagine that...), and it will all desperately need to be ironed before we can use it, but it will do - I think it will make a pretty nursery once it's assembled. Mom is on the hunt for picture frames to use for the 4 generation pics like she did for my niece - a pic of my grandmother at about age 4, my mother at about age 2, we'll find an appropriate pic of me as a toddler and then the 4th will be for the Doodle-bops and we'll update the pic periodically until she is 2-3 yrs old and then leave it at that

Mom is already planning out her first "formal portrait" in January!! She wants to go back to M who did the family portraits last March - she has my christening gown or, if that's too large, a pretty gauzy handmade dress that came from Barbados. She said we need to repeat the pic of "all the girls" because "we did that last year, but you didn't have your little girl, so we'll have to do it again." She is really getting into the idea of this baby, which is wonderful, and she is thrilled that it's a girl - as we all are!