Saturday, October 27, 2007

Looks like just one

R called at midnight last night - she was working and had finally gotten a break - it seems that every pregnant woman in a 100 mile radius had decided to go in to be checked!! LOL Anyway, she had checked her email and had the results of our first (un)official beta...

8dp5dt ~ 46!!

Before she called, she hopped on SMO and checked out the "Epic Beta Thread" (woo-ooo-ooo) - okay, so the sound effects are lacking in a silent forum, but I had to give it a shot - anyway, it appears that we are right in the middle for a singleton pregnancy. I looked a bit this morning before work and, while I found a few who had values this low and were carrying twins, the vast majority of multiple pregnancies were at least double this. My IM buddy, CA, got a 43 at 5dp5dt with her twins. So, it's a good bet that we're only cookin' one.

That made B happy. He called this morning on the way from his brother's up to NY and I gave him the information. I can't wait to see what we get on Saturday. I'm sure it will double, but am hoping that it will triple!! I want this to be a good, healthy baby!

Anyway, on another front, he got the bike without too much incident. Apparently the guy lives in the city, so they had to load the bike in the driveway and the ramp slipped as the rear wheel was coming into the van - so the bike crashed down on top of the tool box and that other thingy I can't remember the name of - and broke the screws or something. Then there was some sort of imperfection in the paint on one of the fenders, but his uncle's "guy" at the shop managed to buff that out (AND they fixed the thingy) so B's happy. B and his uncle were out "chasing wrecks" tonight when I called him. He's beat and has another long day ahead of him, but I guess he can sleep it off on Sunday.

I have to meet A at 7:30 at the Day's Inn here in town for the K9 Down course tomorrow. We have to go over the slides before the class starts (which I'm assuming will be either 8 or 8:30). We were talking this evening and he suddenly asked me if I'm comfortable with public speaking!! What would he have done if I had said, "Hell, no!"? I started laughing and told him that I could survive it - it's not my all time favorite thing to do, but when he approached me 2 years ago about helping teach this class, I kind of figured it would involve TEACHING! He's a trip!

Well, I've got to get up at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow, since I'm on my own here, so that I can get everything taken care of before I have to go to "work". I'm hoping that R will get the beta drawn early tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, we'll have our 2nd beta by tomorrow evening!