Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a week this has been!

The boys have been with us this week, not that I've been home! I had to work both Monday and Tuesday nights, then Wednesday I was in Cary for our OB appt (the Doodle-bops is doing GREAT and M STILL barely has a belly!); the Design Consign Show occupied the rest of Wednesday and most of Thursday, but I got some killer designer clothes for a great price!! My baby girl is going to be a well-dressed child!! I did get home in time to pick the boys up from school on Thursday and I was also home on Friday, but that was so little of the week, really, with the boys in school :(

My mother had called earlier in the week and wanted the boys to come visit her (and M's kids) which worked out well because I'm working all weekend - day shift - Saturday through Monday. Thank GOD this is the last week that my schedule sucks like this. Starting in September, I should be home almost all of the time that the boys are with us. I am SO looking forward to being a pseudo-stay-at-home-mom!

Middle Child joined the JROTC at Union Pines and is just so excited! I took him to get a haircut on Thursday, thinking he'd get a fade, but he chose to have his whole head buzzed. He got his garrison cap on Friday and they gave him a uniform as well, but he couldn't bring that home because they have to alter the pants and sew the insignia on the shirt and jacket. He also got his shoes - looks like he'll be learning to shine them! I'll post a picture of him in uniform once he has it. They wear their uniforms to school on Wednesdays and that's part of their grade. He's been uber helpful since he joined and I never have to prompt him for a "yes, Ma'am" anymore... if he gets nothing else out of JROTC, that's worth it!

Friday after school I went and talked to his Commander - he's a retired O6, Navy - very nice man. I wanted to see if there were events that I could volunteer at since my commander will let me RST with them! He said that they always need female chaparones on field trips since they have female cadets and very few female volunteers; I told him that he could definitely count me in! I think Middle Child told me that they'll be going to Arlington some time this year.

Little Man got his flute finally and is totally enamoured of it, at least so far! He's also excited about the prospect of the band trips they make to play - Carowinds, Busch Gardens, Disney... Not to be one-upped by Middle Child, he wants me to chaparone those trips with him!! Looks like I might get the better stuff this year - no more waste water treatment plants! I'm moving up in the food chain! LOL

Only other thing I can think of... my dumb ass ex-BIL has now told the psychologist doing the custody re-evaluation (yes, the same woman that he felt the need to enlighten about how many times I've been married and that whole load of BS about the court taking my boys away from me!) that he believes that M is NOT carrying my baby after all - that my sister has merely gotten herself knocked up out of wedlock and has contrived this elaborate story as a cover up. Seriously, where in the hell does he get this shit?? I decided to keep this tidbit to myself - if B found out, he might actually go looking for the dumbass!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ahhh...... insomnia.....

Or maybe it's just "busy brain"... All I know is I wake up in the middle of the night and even though I'm tired, there's no going back to sleep.

This morning, I woke up at 3am, tossed and turned for an hour, then sat up and dragged out the laptop - might as well amuse myself if I'm not going to get any sleep. I can't even really sleep in tomorrow because I have the guy coming to measure for the new floors at 10am!!

First Born has gone back to school and I miss him :( He went back a few days early because his friends were already moving into the dorms and he wanted to spend time with them. Then he posted an apology on my Facebook page because he was afraid that he upset me by leaving 2 days earlier than he absolutely HAD to!! He's such a sweet child! I'm having trouble letting him grow up, but that's MY burden, not his, and that's what I told him! I never gave a second thought as to how my parents felt when I moved away from home, because I was too caught up in what I wanted to do...

As much as I didn't want him to go, I'm looking foward to all that I have to do now - well, not ALL of it!! I am dreading having to disassemble all the furniture and move it out of the bedrooms so we can replace the floors, but I'm very much looking foward to having the floors replaced! It's going to be a LOT of work to get this done, and I don't have all that long to do it - maybe 10 weeks - but at the same time, I can't wait to get started on the nursery! I've picked the main wall color (a pink that matches the bedding), now I need to get a chocolate to paint the inside of the closet (can't leave it ORANGE!!) and I'm debating whether to leave the trim the antique white that it is currently, or go with a more ivory color... A good portion of the woodwork will need to be repainted regardless - either the same color or something different; so it's just a matter of deciding what I prefer. I found some shears at the Habitat store that I might go back and get tomorrow... they're ivory, so maybe I'll just try to match them - right now, the woodwork is a little more white... then I can get the ivory chandelier and it won't look dingy! Oh, so many decisions!! LOL

We have another OB appointment next Wednesday (the glucose tolerance test - ick!), then I have the preview for the trunk sale that night (the Divine Consign show in north Raleigh); I think I'm going to stay with my grandmother Wednesday night because (1) I haven't seen her in a while and it would make her happy and (2) I'm volunteering at the show for an 8am shift on Thursday (that's how I get to go to the preview Wednesday night) and it makes no sense to drive all the way back home Wednesday night!! The boys are here next week and they'll be in school, so Bill will have to deal with that, but it will be alright. I hope they have some nice stuff at the sale! Not that I really need to buy any more clothes at this point, BUT... maybe if I can find some slightly larger sizes?? We'll see...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This weekend really has worn me down!

The last few days have really kicked my ass for some reason; ok, so I got NO sleep Saturday night, but I did sleep most of the day on Sunday before I went back to work - and I did get a few hours sleep on Sunday night, then took my usual nap Monday morning... but I just can't seem to really wake up! It's very aggravating! I have NO energy right now!! I'm trying so hard to get back to the gym, but I don't want to do much of anything!

Of course, the majority of the weight I've gained is hormone induced, and primarily in the form of edema - nothing to be done about that until I stop the BCPs. And believe me, while I'm supposed to stay on them until the end of September, I'm seriously considering stopping much sooner. God, how did I ever take these things for years on end?? No wonder I was a bigger back before I got pregnant with First born than I am now! Not like it's really all that much weight - but I can still tell I've gained 5 or 6 lbs, and it all seems to be between my waist and my knees!! My clothes still fit, but they fit a little bit differently... more annoying than anything!!

The boys went to work with me last night; WHY they want to ever go is beyond my comprehension, but they were both insistent, so I took them along. They really don't cause me any problems, though there were a few tough moments last night. They are very inquisitive, which I generally encourage, BUT they were having trouble last night with understanding that I can't evaluate a patient and make quick decisions about it's emergent care AND simultaneously answer their never ending questions about what's going on and sometimes totally unrelated stuff. There was one time that a dog was semi-crashing and I had to yell at them to just shut up and then later with that same dog, they were between me and the equipment that I needed to care for the dog and I had to snap at them to get out of the surgery room. I hate being short-tempered like that with them, and I tried to explain it to them on the way home this morning... this is my JOB and the animals that I'm treating come FIRST; their questions are a distraction and can be answered LATER and they have to STAY OUT OF MY WAY!!

Anyway, we went to bed around midnight - the 3 of us in the slightly oversized twin bed... yeah, right. I dozed off for about an hour and woke up squished between the boys - so I flipped over upside-down and ended up with Middle Child's feet in my face. Nice... So I made a palette on the floor, just about the time some idiot brought her freakin' chihuahua in... now, I know the definition of an emergency is "anything that the client deems is an emergency" BUT this dog has had bloody diarrhea for 3 days, or maybe longer - the owner wasn't really sure; she's 8 yrs old, unspayed and the owner has never taken her to the vet. Now, suddenly at 2am, this diarrhea is an emergency?? Well, fine... but it turned out to be a $600 emergency by the time I was through with her.

The client left about 4am (I made her leave the dog for overnight treatment) and I went back to bed, on the concrete floor, on top of a pile of shoes and who knows what else... needless to say I really didn't sleep. Little Man woke me up at 9am because once again, my favorite overnight tech left me sleeping. I've asked her several times NOT to do this!! I really want to go HOME when the shift is over!! So, we trudged home and I tried to take a nap - but Middle Child was washing the chinchilla's rugs right outside my bedroom door, and then the boys decided that they wanted milkshakes (and the blender is terribly LOUD), and First Born came in to get my laptop and then my car keys... so I didn't really get any sleep this morning. That's alright - I don't expect it to be too busy tonight either; I can probably be in bed by midnight or 1am. In bed, BY MYSELF! LOL And then I'm actually off work tomorrow, which will be nice :) if I'm not too tired to function!

Changing subjects.... M says that the Doodle-bops does a lot of rolling and kicking, and while it can be annoying at 3am, it keeps her from ever having to worry if she's doing alright! She told me that a few days ago, the baby was doing something that felt like she was being tickled from the inside out! Strange! *sigh* That's what I'm missing most about this pregnancy - I loved feeling my babies move inside me!

I'm looking foward to the next OB visit; we do the Glucon challenge then. M says that the baby is very active any time she eats so that I should get to feel her moving after they spike her blood sugar!! I haven't felt her move yet :( though M says she's felt it enough for all of us!!