Sunday, July 13, 2008

Whoever said chinchillas aren't "prolific breeders"??

Twinkle had baby number 3 early this afternoon. I had had First Born checking them daily while B and I were gone - just to make sure that, if it were to be born, the baby was in the bottom half of the cage where the hardware cloth would keep it from escaping... he told me this afternoon that there was no baby, but then he also said that he couldn't see inside the little Igloo thingy and God forbid that he reach INTO the cage to check...

So anyway, when I got home this evening, I went to see for myself and I moved the Igloo - what I found looked like a dried up piece of placenta, and I kinda freaked out until I saw the little legs and tail poking out from under Twinkle. This new baby appears (so far) to be a girl and she's the same silver grey color as Slippers. Her umbilical cord was still wet looking and she was moving very slowly, so I think she was only a few hours old when I 'discovered' her! I checked her again later this evening and her gait has definitely picked up!! She'll be jumping in just a few days time! Thank goodness I got that hardware cloth installed last week! Little Man will be SO thrilled to hear that his baby chin has arrived!!

Speaking of Little Man, I got the cutest note from him at camp... he's having fun except for the spiders and snakes, and the food's not too good, so he asked for a care package that included Goldfish crackers and chocolate! LOL I'm going to go out tomorrow and buy him stuff and ship it Priority so he'll have it by Wednesday; of course, I'll send Middle Child something too... I didn't have an address for them, so I didn't know if we could write or send stuff. Apparently their dad gave them stamped and addressed envelopes so they could write US if they chose to do so! Or maybe, like when I was at camp, the counselor's make the kids write home!! Whatever the case, I'm SO glad he did!! It's the cutest note! Oh, I'm glad to be back home. I didn't sleep well at ALL in that hotel!! B is still up in Philly/DC and will be coming home some time tomorrow. I hope he is able to leave in the morning 'cause I'd really like to see him before I have to go to work!!