Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The nightmare of the estate is finally over!!

OMG - I can hardly believe it (and I won't completely believe it until I see it in writing) but it appears that the nightmare of J's estate is finally behind me!! B came to court with me today - I was absolutey a bundle of nerves and sick to my stomach - which seems kinda stupid in hindsight - I mean, what where they going to do to me?? Reprimand me, maybe; make me pay some of the estate's debts, possibly... but "they can't eat me" so why be so worried?? All the rationalization in the world wasn't working - I wanted to puke...

Of course, A-hole (aka the biggest asshole, loser attorney that I've ever had the displeasure of having to work with) was LATE... so B and I sat in the clerk's office and waited, and waited, until he finally strolled in 20 mins after our appointed time. He DID apologize for keeping us waiting, as if I care - I didn't bother to speak to him.

Ms. G (the county clerk) took us to her conference room where we all sat around a moderately sized table... she let A-hole speak first - he started off by saying that he had been unable to file the final accounting because he was unable to get the required information from me (WTF?!?) and futher stated that he had drawn up a document to withdraw as the attorney of record because I had told him that he had already been paid enough money and I wasn't going to pay him any more, and he wasn't willing to work for someone with that attitude.

Now, I'm fuming and B is squeezing my wrist to try to get me to keep my mouth shut - Ms. G turned to me and asked if I had a response. Well, hell yeah I have a response!! I could feel that annoying lump in my throat and the burning in my eyes that I get when I'm really pissed, but I did manage to keep the tears in check (not very effective if you start crying when you're MAD) - I told her that if A-hole was lacking any information from me it was because he had not returned a single phone call or responded to a single piece of correspondence in the preceeding 14 months; I told her that I had made over 80 phone calls and that I still had not spoken to him since the day we filed LAST year's inventory. I further told her that he had contacted an auctioneer to take possession of all of the estate's remaining assets, with instructions to sell them and return the monies to HIM, and that I had no idea what had become of those assets or any monies from their sale, that his office refused to provide me with either that information or the name of the auctioneer so that I could contact him myself (as I was explaining this part, he pulled a check out of his pile of paperwork); I also told her that A-hole was correct in saying that I had not paid him any more money, but that I had never made any comment about him having already been paid enough since we hadn't spoken in over a year, and that I HAD told him in a letter that I was NOT going to pay him a dime UNTIL he explained to me why he received (in Dec 2005) the claim against the estate that J's mother filed, yet failed to give it to me until May of 2007 - and since he wouldn't speak to me, and hadn't explained it to me, I had no intention of paying him...

At this point, Ms. G made no comment, but picked up the check from the auctioneer and considered it for a moment; she then made a comment to A-hole that he had held the check for so long that the bank wasn't going to honor it, so he needed to get a replacement check and send it to me immediately. She asked how much money was in the estate accounts and then said that I was to deposit the new check from the auctioneer when it arrived and then send the entire amount to A-hole and that was going to be his compensation for his "administrative" duties for the estate... he immediatey agreed. (B later pointed out to me that Ms. G and A-hole had apparently already decided the outcome of our little meeting, which seemed to be held just for show - to give me a chance to speak my piece) - as to the outstanding claim against the estate from J's mother - Ms. G said that she will be issuing a letter stating that the estate is out of money and no further debts will be paid.

While it grates my ass that A-hole is getting ANY money from the estate, my big fear was that there was going to be financial repercussions on my personal situation - like being ordered to pay A-hole's $3500 bill. He's getting about $1340, which is far more than he deserves, but once he is paid and the paperwork is filed, this is OVER!! What freedom that will be!!