Monday, July 28, 2008

Another OB visit -

This was our third - we saw Tricia, the NP again... it was quick and easy - she measured M's uterus (which I think came in at 22cm) and checked the Doodle-bops heartbeat with the Doppler (144-146 bpm); so far, so good!! I should just be thankful for an uneventful pregnancy, right?? She did tell us that next visit is the Glucon (?? not sure if that's right) test - you know, where you drink the super-sweet, nasty, sugary crap and then have blood drawn an hour later... anyway, of course I'll be there - we're seeing a different doctor that day also. Gotta meet 'em all, I guess; if we're lucky, M will go into labor on Sunday the 16th and who knows who will deliver the Doodle-bops!! Anyway, I figured that I should come and keep her company - I know that she still has that persistent, low grade nausea and the Glucon solution isn't going to help that any! Blech!! Makes me glad that I'm not the pregnant one!! LOL