Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ugh!! I'm tired!!

I worked Friday night, which was fine; I asked First Born to come back from F'ville to babysit; he brought T with him, which was fine also. I told them that I'd order pizza for everyone and leave him gas money since he had originally been planning on just staying in F'ville through the weekend, but B wanted/needed to go to G'boro and I had already signed on to work... I guess I owe First Born for this one - he really changed his plans to accomodate me... he's such a great kid!

Anyway, he brought the boys to me at AUC at 7:30 am and when we finally got out of there (Dr. Martin was 1/2 an hour late relieving me....) we went to IHOP for breakfast (yum... whole wheat nut and grain pancakes with apples!!). They little boys and I came home so I could take a nap before going BACK to work last night. Dr. S had called before I got off shift and he sounded like shit... he asked if I could possibly work Saturday night for him and I just couldn't say "no". He's so terribly burned out anyway. I feel bad for him - his home life seemingly sucks (all heresay, I have no first-hand knowledge of any of it) which hurts my heart because he's such a great guy!! But, that's his life, not mine... back on topic -

Anyway, because of the heat, the distance of the drive, and the fact that he chose to ride the motorcycle to G'boro, B decided to come home this morning. Therefore, the boys had to go to work with me. All in all, they were great. They only had 1 or 2 fights all night, which you know is pretty dang good these days! They watched movies and played chess, they played on the computer and hung out with me a bit - it quieted down at 2am and the 3 of us finally went to bed. I was back up at 5am for a chihuahua with kennel cough (puh-leeze, people!) and a boxer with a swollen face, and since I was then wide awake, I decided to stay up. I let them sleep until Dr. Martin came in (10 minutes early this morning); we did rounds and I woke them up at 8:15 to come home. I wanted to go lie down, but I did dishes and stayed up doing laundry until B got home about 10:30 so I could see him; we're both veggin' on our 'puters and I'm about to take a nap! My vision is starting to blur!! LOL

I got an email from M - she had some spotting Wednesday night - no cramping and the blood was old. She checked on the Doodle-bops and she seems to be just fine. M is getting tired of the bleeding though! She says it's "just wrong" and there's the never knowing when it's going to happen - kind of like perpetually waiting to start your period. Ick! Hopefully the next u/s will show the clot resolved and it will cease to be an issue!