Friday, June 27, 2008

Our 2nd OB visit

was yesterday. Middle Child came with me since it was his b'day and we were headed for the mall in Raleigh to do some shopping - crazy kid - that's what he wanted to do for his b'day - go to a mall (he'd couldn't remember ever having been to one! Imagine that!). Mom also came to the appt with M; M had to have a colposcopy done - what a time to get her first abnormal pap - when she's pregnant with MY child! LOL

We talked to Dr. A about inducing M so that we can schedule a relief vet to come in; he's okay with the idea, but doesn't want to do it any earlier than 39 weeks because of "the minute risk of prematurity". Problem is, M has her kids the week before she's due, and we can't count on being able to make it to the actual week she's due because her kids all came 4-8 days early! I'm sure we'll figure it out - I just wish Dr. A had been a little more amenable to making this more convenient for us! I think what it's going to boil down to is that I'm going to have to pay a little more for a relief vet to come in, but that's not a big deal to me. M only wants to take off about 10 days anyway, and I really think she should take a little longer. I suggested that she schedule someone to come in on the 13th or 14th of November, and we'll work on getting her to go into labor - marathon mall walks, labor balm,etc. Then, if that's unsuccessful, we'll have Dr. A induce on the 18th, which is a Tuesday; Mom can watch her kids for a couple of days - they'll be in school then, so it wouldn't be all day babysitting - she should be back home by Thursday, realistically, if there are no complications, and I'm sure that Mom would be willing to help her out for the rest of the week until the kids go back to their dad's house on Monday - then she can take the following week, or at least part of it, to just rest up before she goes back to work! That was MY suggestion - and it would only have me paying for 3 or 3-1/2 weeks of a relief vet which won't be that big of a deal... about $6k or so.

Not much else going on... I have to appear in court on the 1st regarding the estate. I sure as hell hope that the attorney at least gets his hand smacked. He's such an ass!! He has thus far refused to tell me what happened to the remainder of the estate's assets - e.g. if they sold, for how much and what happened to the money. As far as I can tell, he's not allowed to withhold that information, so I hope the clerk bitch slaps him on that one. It will be a cold day in hell before I willingly pay him one red cent - I'll have to be ordered to do it!!

I also have the Phase I Audit Training coming up in July in GA. B is deciding whether he wants to go with me or not... if he comes, we'll probably drive; if not, I'll probably fly. I told him that he needs to make a decision by the end of the weekend so I can get a ticket if I need to. I'd almost rather he come with me, though I am planning on meeting up with Google Smurf when I'm down there, and he might opt out of that, being the social butterfly that he is! LOL

Oh, yeah - we went out this morning with a commercial real estate agent; she's checking into some properties and land for us. I realize that she only makes money if she makes a sale, but she seemed very nice and said that she thinks my business idea will be very successful. I think B is a little intimidated at the amount of money that it's going to cost to get this thing off the ground - realistically we're looking upwards of a half million dollar! There a new place that's going to be opening up on US 1 north of town - Sandhills Pet Resort - offering upscale boarding and daycare - so if we do this, we WON'T be the only or the first one in the county... someone beat me to it and that pisses me off a little bit. BUT, I think we'll still be very successful if we stay down in town - the other place is only about 5 miles out of SP, but it SEEMS to be a lot farther 'cause you get out of town and there's nothing there... being owned by a veterinarian will also be a plus, I think, and the fact that I'm going to advertise that I will board sick animals, which most places won't.

I also got my permanent crowns put on today and the left side of my mandible is aching now! I took some Tramadol and it's making me drowsy so it's about time to call it a night!