Friday, June 27, 2008

Our 2nd OB visit

was yesterday. Middle Child came with me since it was his b'day and we were headed for the mall in Raleigh to do some shopping - crazy kid - that's what he wanted to do for his b'day - go to a mall (he'd couldn't remember ever having been to one! Imagine that!). Mom also came to the appt with M; M had to have a colposcopy done - what a time to get her first abnormal pap - when she's pregnant with MY child! LOL

We talked to Dr. A about inducing M so that we can schedule a relief vet to come in; he's okay with the idea, but doesn't want to do it any earlier than 39 weeks because of "the minute risk of prematurity". Problem is, M has her kids the week before she's due, and we can't count on being able to make it to the actual week she's due because her kids all came 4-8 days early! I'm sure we'll figure it out - I just wish Dr. A had been a little more amenable to making this more convenient for us! I think what it's going to boil down to is that I'm going to have to pay a little more for a relief vet to come in, but that's not a big deal to me. M only wants to take off about 10 days anyway, and I really think she should take a little longer. I suggested that she schedule someone to come in on the 13th or 14th of November, and we'll work on getting her to go into labor - marathon mall walks, labor balm,etc. Then, if that's unsuccessful, we'll have Dr. A induce on the 18th, which is a Tuesday; Mom can watch her kids for a couple of days - they'll be in school then, so it wouldn't be all day babysitting - she should be back home by Thursday, realistically, if there are no complications, and I'm sure that Mom would be willing to help her out for the rest of the week until the kids go back to their dad's house on Monday - then she can take the following week, or at least part of it, to just rest up before she goes back to work! That was MY suggestion - and it would only have me paying for 3 or 3-1/2 weeks of a relief vet which won't be that big of a deal... about $6k or so.

Not much else going on... I have to appear in court on the 1st regarding the estate. I sure as hell hope that the attorney at least gets his hand smacked. He's such an ass!! He has thus far refused to tell me what happened to the remainder of the estate's assets - e.g. if they sold, for how much and what happened to the money. As far as I can tell, he's not allowed to withhold that information, so I hope the clerk bitch slaps him on that one. It will be a cold day in hell before I willingly pay him one red cent - I'll have to be ordered to do it!!

I also have the Phase I Audit Training coming up in July in GA. B is deciding whether he wants to go with me or not... if he comes, we'll probably drive; if not, I'll probably fly. I told him that he needs to make a decision by the end of the weekend so I can get a ticket if I need to. I'd almost rather he come with me, though I am planning on meeting up with Google Smurf when I'm down there, and he might opt out of that, being the social butterfly that he is! LOL

Oh, yeah - we went out this morning with a commercial real estate agent; she's checking into some properties and land for us. I realize that she only makes money if she makes a sale, but she seemed very nice and said that she thinks my business idea will be very successful. I think B is a little intimidated at the amount of money that it's going to cost to get this thing off the ground - realistically we're looking upwards of a half million dollar! There a new place that's going to be opening up on US 1 north of town - Sandhills Pet Resort - offering upscale boarding and daycare - so if we do this, we WON'T be the only or the first one in the county... someone beat me to it and that pisses me off a little bit. BUT, I think we'll still be very successful if we stay down in town - the other place is only about 5 miles out of SP, but it SEEMS to be a lot farther 'cause you get out of town and there's nothing there... being owned by a veterinarian will also be a plus, I think, and the fact that I'm going to advertise that I will board sick animals, which most places won't.

I also got my permanent crowns put on today and the left side of my mandible is aching now! I took some Tramadol and it's making me drowsy so it's about time to call it a night!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ok, so hopefully this *weird* tingling is a good thing...

I've been on the BCPs and the Domperidone for 12 days now... all day today, (on and off, not constantly) I have been having weird, tingling, burning sensations in my boobs... it feels just like it does when a letdown occurs. In fact, it's SO similar, I've been reflexively applying pressure to them when it occurs, just like I used to do when I was nursing the boys and had a letdown at an inappropriate time! I'm hoping that this is a good sign - indicative of tissue development.

I have an appointment with a certified lactation consultant on the 23rd, just to see if she has any helpful advice, and to talk to her about renting a hospital grade pump. I've decided that that would be best for the induction/initial phase, so I thought that I'd rent one for the first 6 months, then see how it goes... I've got the PIS which is a good pump and highly portable, and I can take that to work with me, but I think it would be good to have the hospital grade here at home, at least until I establish a good supply.

I haven't heard from M in a while, which means that things must be going well! She's been good about calling or emailing if there is anything of concern, so I know that no news is good news! We have another OB appointment in less than 2 weeks! It's with her primary OB - the one who delivered Brandon, I believe - so we're going to talk to him about the idea of scheduling an induction for the week before our due date and see what he thinks about that. Each day that goes by, the closer we are to holding the Doodle-bops... I can't wait to meet her!

On a different note, K has officially adopted Fancee. I had been considering finding her a new home because she wasn't getting the attention she craves and needs here with us. B hated her and she returned the sentiment 100%; I was just never here... and she's the one who has suffered. K kept her while we were on the cruise and apparently they bonded... Fancee is very happy there as she gets to be out of her cage all day and K talks to her constantly. K has even overcome her fear of birds and can hold/stroke Fancee!! She came and picked up the big bird cage today and now there is a hole in my office... I miss her, but I know I can visit, and most of all, I know she's MUCH better off and MUCH happier where she is right now!! THAT'S the most important thing!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ugh!! I'm tired!!

I worked Friday night, which was fine; I asked First Born to come back from F'ville to babysit; he brought T with him, which was fine also. I told them that I'd order pizza for everyone and leave him gas money since he had originally been planning on just staying in F'ville through the weekend, but B wanted/needed to go to G'boro and I had already signed on to work... I guess I owe First Born for this one - he really changed his plans to accomodate me... he's such a great kid!

Anyway, he brought the boys to me at AUC at 7:30 am and when we finally got out of there (Dr. Martin was 1/2 an hour late relieving me....) we went to IHOP for breakfast (yum... whole wheat nut and grain pancakes with apples!!). They little boys and I came home so I could take a nap before going BACK to work last night. Dr. S had called before I got off shift and he sounded like shit... he asked if I could possibly work Saturday night for him and I just couldn't say "no". He's so terribly burned out anyway. I feel bad for him - his home life seemingly sucks (all heresay, I have no first-hand knowledge of any of it) which hurts my heart because he's such a great guy!! But, that's his life, not mine... back on topic -

Anyway, because of the heat, the distance of the drive, and the fact that he chose to ride the motorcycle to G'boro, B decided to come home this morning. Therefore, the boys had to go to work with me. All in all, they were great. They only had 1 or 2 fights all night, which you know is pretty dang good these days! They watched movies and played chess, they played on the computer and hung out with me a bit - it quieted down at 2am and the 3 of us finally went to bed. I was back up at 5am for a chihuahua with kennel cough (puh-leeze, people!) and a boxer with a swollen face, and since I was then wide awake, I decided to stay up. I let them sleep until Dr. Martin came in (10 minutes early this morning); we did rounds and I woke them up at 8:15 to come home. I wanted to go lie down, but I did dishes and stayed up doing laundry until B got home about 10:30 so I could see him; we're both veggin' on our 'puters and I'm about to take a nap! My vision is starting to blur!! LOL

I got an email from M - she had some spotting Wednesday night - no cramping and the blood was old. She checked on the Doodle-bops and she seems to be just fine. M is getting tired of the bleeding though! She says it's "just wrong" and there's the never knowing when it's going to happen - kind of like perpetually waiting to start your period. Ick! Hopefully the next u/s will show the clot resolved and it will cease to be an issue!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Today is D-day!!

I emailed mom and dad last night to see if it would be convenient for me to come up tonight - told them that I needed/wanted to talk to them about something. Mom emailed back and said "yes" and she's asked dad to come home early (6pm); then sometime this morning she called M and asked her if I had said anything about anything important. Apparently mom has decided that I'm getting deployed to someplace horrible (e.g. Iraq or Afghanistan). M played it off and said that she had no idea; then she said that mom will probably be ticked off because she lied to her, but what choice did she have?? I thought briefly about letting her know that was NOT the case, but then I thought that maybe letting her think that all day will make the real news better!? Is that totally screwed up? Probably, but I'm gonna let it ride anyway.

I had a facial this morning; for Mother's Day, B gave me a gift certificate to the new Spa here at the gym. Oh, it was just heaven! So relaxing and my skin just feels fabulous! Before I left, I got a "menu" of the services they offer and I think that I just might be making that a fairly regular habit! LOL Unfortunately I can't afford to go too often, but maybe once every couple of months... I'd LOVE to try the mud pack or seaweed wrap!!

I have an appointment at 3 this afternoon to get my hair done - I'm going to get rid of that damned gray hair!! I can't have gray hair and a newborn baby! Those 2 just aren't compatible! LOL


So, all in all, tonight went rather well - much more smoothly than I could have imagined. I mean, I was the only one of us that thought Mom & Dad would be alright with the news, but even I underestimated HOW alright they were...

I was running late, as usual for me - told them that I planned on being up there at about 6pm, and that WAS the plan, but I didn't get out of the spa until 5:45, so that was shot to hell. Then I hit road work, then I needed gas, then there was the chick on the scooter that was driving right down the center of the lane going all of 20 mph, then there was the guy in the beat up ol' POS pick up truck who seemed to believe that anything over 40 mph was excessive.... Anyway, despite all of that, I managed to get to their house about 7:15. We sat in the living room - right where we had sat at my grandmother's b'day party this last weekend - same seats and everything! LOL I took a deep breath and started to laugh... I said, "I can't believe that I'm nearly 41 years old and I'm afraid of the two of you!" Dad said, "honey, you don't have to be afraid to tell us you're getting deployed." I said, "I'm not getting deployed... if I was getting deployed, I'd just pick up the phone and tell you I'm going to Iraq. I wouldn't drive up here for THAT." Now, I could tell by the looks on their faces that they were at a total loss - they thought they had it all figured out! So, I just blurted it out... "B and I are having a baby."

Dad did his little half laugh and said, "really?" Mom did a double take followed by "What?!" I told them that we had decided not to tell everyone until we got out of the first trimester. So, the questions started... and they were interrupting each other and making no sense at all at times. I do remember Mom turning to Dad at one point and saying, "well, she DOES still have her ovaries". I finally told them that we have someone carrying the baby for us. Dad asked, "so you think you can find someone willing to do that?" Uh, yeah, Dad... we're already 15 weeks pregnant... I just TOLD you that we were out of the first trimester - guess he missed that part in the shock of finding out that he's going to be a grandfather for the 7th time!! There were a few more questions, and I finally said, "M is carrying the baby for us" which evoked another "really?" from Dad and a "hmmm" from Mom. Then Dad asked, "Didn't M have her tubes tied?" Mom said, "No, she didn't" and I added, "it wouldn't have mattered anyway, Dad - they put the babies in with a straw-thingy."

They wanted to know how my boys were going to take it - I told them they all knew already and were fine with it; they wanted to know how M is going to tell HER kids - I told them that was up to HER to decide when and how it was appropriate, but that young children generally take it pretty well if you just say, "Aunt S's tummy is broken, so mommy is carrying the baby for her and Uncle B, and we will give them the baby when she's born." That generally seems to be sufficient for children that age. Mere is going to wait until she is obviously showing b/c her kids still have issues with the concept of time - the longer she waits to tell them, the fewer times she'll have to say, "not until Thanksgiving" when they want to know when the baby's coming!!

Did I mention that we are going to ask her OB to induce her, or at least break her water, the week before we're due?? (Honestly, there are so many things running through my head that I often forget what I journal and when, and my head hurts too bad right now to check old posts!) We were talking about what to do about maternity leave - M's planning on taking off a minimal amount of time, but she'll need SOME time off, and I will need to be home with the Doodle-bops, so we came up with the early induction plan - book a relief vet for the week before and the week after the due date, and schedule an induction. Sounds like a plan to US, now we just have to get the OB to bite. I told her I'd pay for the relief vet (obviously)... but given the nature of the business, this is something that we need to have lined up well in advance!

I've never had a migraine before, but my head has hurt for the last 48 hrs and the only time it feels better is when I sleep - of course, then it goes right back to hurting as soon as I get up. I don't want to eat, I don't want to talk, I don't want to interact with anyone. Strangely enough, the computer isn't making it any worse, and actually sitting her in the fairly dark room with the computer, it's ALMOST stopped hurting... If this is a migraine, they SUCK!!

Oh, BTW, I LOVE my hair!! L did highlights and lowlights on the top 1/2 of my hair (a friend's recommendation) and then colored the rest of it a medium golden brown. It took out all the brassiness and covered the gray and looks fabulous!! Plus, right now it's straight :) And, before you make a comment about it - I know I'm not smiling... this was mid-migraine - I just wanted to take a picture of my hair! LOL (BTW, did I mention that the Dom is making my boobs bigger already?? I'm having issues with tops that button and they just feel fuller - already! I guess that's a good sign, but geez... I'm gonna be a double D before it's over!)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I've been *high* all day!

Bright and early - 8am - I had a dentist appointment to get crowns on the 2 teeth that I've broken - I broke the composite repair off of that pre-molar that I originally broke on my tongue piercing years and years ago (back when we lived in Fuquay) and about 6 wks ago, I fractured about 1/4 of the molar right behind that one - just cracked off when I was eating popcorn one night - but that tooth did have a huge filling in it, and that makes them weaker. Anyway, I figured I might as well get it over with, so I was there first thing this morning.

As usual, I took my 10mg of valium when I got into the waiting room and was nice and relaxed by the time Dr. A came in. He did one hell of a job numbing me - a single shot at the back of my jaw and I was numb all the way up to my cheekbone and across to the right side of my mouth! He prepped the teeth and they put a temporary crown in - the permanent ones will be back at the end of the month and I go back June 26th to have them put in place.

When the novacaine and valium started to wear off, my entire jaw began hurting, so I've been taking Tramadol and Hydrocodone - which of course make me woozy, so I've pretty much been floating since 8am! LOL I've forced myself to stay awake because I've had things to do - not that I've accomplished much in this altered state - but I have managed to get 6 loads of laundry done and the clean stuff put away, so that's something.

Tomorrow is my "get pretty" day - I have a facial at 9:45 am (my Mother's Day gift from B) and I'm getting my hair done at 3pm (highlights, low lights and color the stuff between the foil also) - damned grey hairs!! I'm considering driving up to have dinner with mom and dad tomorrow night and tell them about the Doodle-bops. I just want to get it over with and as much as I do NOT really want to drive up there and back, I also feel like maybe I should do it in person. I don't know.... I'll talk to B about it and see what he thinks. I'm hoping that mom will want to come to the u/s on the 25th, and even if she's pissed at us, she should be over it by then. I mean, really, what good will it do for her to stay mad? She may be angry about the money that we've spent, she may be ticked that we hid it from her so long, but she's not going to cut the 2 of us off for good for this... she'll get over it!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Woot woot!! My g'ma is 90!!

My grandmother turned 90 yesterday; tonight mom and dad hosted an adult only b'day dinner for her - she loves all the great-grandkids, but they just wear her out, so we scheduled her celebration for a weekend that neither M nor I have our kiddos. It was nice, and I managed to keep my mouth shut about the baby. I spent the entire ride home trying to figure out (1) when I'm going to tell my parents about the Doodle-bops and (2) what I'm going to say. I may try to go back up there one day next week - I definitely need to tell them before she starts to show!

I think that I just might go it alone... B has already made it clear that he does NOT want to be present/blamed - I think M would probably come with me, but if mom totally freaks out and goes "postal", I really don't want M upset to that degree. If mom gets nuts, I'm going to tell her to be sure to leave M alone until she can be civil b/c I do NOT want her stressed while she's pregnant!!

Mere scheduled our next u/s with Dr. D on July 8th at 12:30. We'll be 19w5d and I can't wait to see how she's grown (uh - the Doodle-bops, not M)!!