Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today was our first OB visit!

It wasn't much, really, 'cause all OB patients start off with a visit with the nurse practitioner, but it was a start. We are 13w6d today... as I was on the way to Cary to meet M for lunch, Little Man called me from school and said he was feeling ill... so I picked him up. Well, I didn't have time to go back home, so I told him he had to come to the doctor with me. Given the nature of the visit, I chose to go ahead and tell him the truth about what's going on. He was intrigued... it was like all of a sudden this light went on and he started saying, "oh, that's why you..." and "is that the reason that...?" Amazing what he noticed and remembered!! He was fine with the addition of another child, though he was a bit disappointed to find out we think it's a girl. He said, "I just hope he grows a penis..." Oh, the things that kids say!! I'm going to go ahead and tell Middle Child about the baby on Thursday, then I'll tell the rest of the family next week and there will be no more cat in the bag!! If mom's gonna be pissed, she might as well do it now!

We went to TGI Fridays for lunch and then to the OB office; there was more paperwork to do (isn't there always?), then they took M back; they called me a while later and I left Little Man in the waiting room. Apparently part of the 1st OB visit is a physical, including a pap if that's going to be due during the pregnancy (which M's was). The NP's assistant came in and asked a bunch of historical questions, then the NP popped in to do the physical. Basically, we'll go every 4 wks until about 30 wks and then pick up the pace. I was a little surprised that they didn't even use the Doppler today, but M said she was using hers 2 days ago and everything is fine :) I wonder if I'll ever get to the stage where I'm NOT freaking out and thinking the worst??

Our next visit is June 25 (which worked out well 'cause that's Middle Child's b'day and I was planning on taking him to the mall to go shopping as that's what he asked for, so we'll go to the doctor's visit then up to Raleigh).

On a totally different front, I finally got the contract from AUC; apparently there are going to be 3 of us (me, Dr. S and Dr. M) working full time, and I'm coming in last, so I get the "almost full time" position, which will actually work very well. Dr. M isn't starting until late September, so I can pick up plenty of extra shifts until then, which will help pad the checking accounts for the surrogacy expenditures to come!! The job (normally) requires only 10 days/month by contract and even though it pays a little less, it's not proportionally less and actually works out to be more per shift!! The other benes are the same - 14 days vacation, 4 personal days, CE comp, liability and health insurance, clothing allowance, licensing, etc. The boys' dad is amenable to a change in our custody to a 7 on, 7 off schedule, so I will be able to work when the boys are at their dad's and be home when they are here! I can't wait! Actually, I start July 1... guess I need to tell L that I'm leaving CCAH. I LOVE emergency work and I am SO happy that I took this position!!